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4 Wedding Color Palettes That Work for Every Season

Choosing your wedding colors is an important part of your wedding planning. But it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. The uncertainty birthed by this pandemic can also have you feeling reluctant. The simple fact is, there’s a chance that you can end up postponing your wedding with no certainty on when the actual date might then be.

If you’ve chosen a palette solely based on a particular season at that point, chances are you’ll have to switch out and start again. There’s a simple solution to this, though: Going with timeless base wedding colors.

You can then use other simple details to tailor the colors to the season you’ve earmarked for your wedding. Here are some of these colors.



  • Blush and Pale Blue

This color combination is romantic and very chic. You can use other color accents to make it mirror whatever season your wedding is in. For summer and Fall, you can combine it with Vibrant colors. For Winter and Spring, metallic hues will do the trick-The best part is that you can leave it just the way it is too.


  • Muted Jewel Tones

If you choose a wedding color palette of jade, mauve, and lavender, you can use it for a wide range of themes. While their vibrant counterparts-like amethyst and sapphire-are often used for Winter and Fall, the muted ones will fit a wedding held in any season.


  • Navy Blue and Gold

Not only is this color palette gorgeous, but it also works for any season too. Accent colors like gray, burgundy, and dusty blue will perfect the palette. Your wedding can easily look regal and classy thanks to what this palette can achieve.


  • Gray, Green, and Cream

If you’re a couple who loves neutral colors, then this color palette is for you. It can easily be adapted to fit any time of the year and any theme too. The palette is also very sophisticated and can turn any ceremony into a unique and beautiful celebration.


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