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5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Does their style reflected in their portfolio match what you want for your photos?

Luckily, we live in a time where social media has flourished and researching is as easy as browsing Instagram or Pinterest for wedding inspiration. Notice what photographs you are drawn to and figure out what they have in common. Do you enjoy the soft, brightly light photos or the highly saturated, colorful ones? Do you want the photos to have a more dramatic or playful feel or a mix of moods? Most photographers can do a variety of shots, but once you settle on the style you like, you can begin your search for the photographer that’s right for you!

What kinds of packages do they offer and what is included in each one?

When it comes to selecting a photographer, make sure to check out what kind of packages they offer. Usually, they will offer a variety of packages at different price ranges. Other than the edited digital files, many offer products like physical prints, wall art, and photo albums! You won’t be able to know the exact price it will cost until you figure out what you want. Also, make sure to ask what their time frame is for completing the edited photos to be sent to you.

What is the price range of the packages and does it fit within your budget?

After deciding what kind of package you would like, you can begin to see around how much it will cost. When inquiring about costs, make sure to clarify details to find out what exactly is included within that price. How many hours of coverage are included? Will there be a second shooter? How much would it cost to book an engagement shoot as well? Another tip is to make sure to ask about the rights to the photos because this will affect the cost as well because you typically have to buy the rights to the images if you plan on printing them yourself. It’s helpful to write a list of questions you have, so you can make sure to get them all answered by the photographer!

What do their reviews say?

Another perk to the online world is that we are able to easily see reviews of the different photographers! Of course, you will be checking out their portfolio to determine if you like their photography style. But it is also incredibly important to see what it is like to work with them! What kind of experience will you have if you choose them for your wedding?

Will your personalities mesh well together?

So you love their photography and they have rave reviews, but will you get along with them? It’s absolutely crucial to see if your personalities mesh well together. Are they excited about your vision for your big day? Do they ask lots of questions? Are they a great listener? Pick a professional that is assertive enough to seek out those memorable shots but friendly enough to put you and your guests at ease. Your photographer will be beside you on your special day, so it’s essential for the two of you to feel as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable the both of you are, the more magical the photos will turn out to be!

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