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Should I Have A Big Wedding or a Small Wedding?

Here at Los Willows, we have a wealth of wonderful things ready for your wedding. We’ve perfected the art of painting weddings with beauty, and we owe a large part of that to our luxurious wedding venue.

Los Willows is an excellent wedding venue that can easily make any type of wedding look grand and fabulous, so your only focus should be on deciding what kind of wedding you want. Considering what’s happening to the world right now with COVID-19 still in our midst, you’re probably a bit confused about how to proceed when it comes to the size of your wedding, aren’t you? This post should help out a bit, then.



Big Weddings

Big weddings, depending on where you are from, might mean a guest list of 300 and above. The following are the pros and cons of a big wedding:


  • Pros

You will have no restrictions on your guest list. For your big wedding, you can invite any and everyone.

You will have more fun and you’ll party harder because the more the merrier, right? The larger the number of guests at your wedding, the more fun it will be for you.


  • Cons

You will definitely be breaking the bank for this one. Big weddings mean more cost per head, so be ready for it.

There will be less intimacy too. It is a wedding tradition for the bride and groom to spend some time welcoming each guest but this is impossible to do at a large wedding due to the sheer number of people in attendance.

You will have a harder time planning it. Think of the seating arrangements and social distancing and such. You or your wedding planner will be compelled to invest a lot of time and effort before you can get everything right.


Small Weddings

A wedding is considered small if the guests are less than 120 in number.


  • Pros

Your budget will be sufficient. If your wedding is small, you won’t have to spend anything more than you’re comfortable with and the quality of your occasion will be better because there are fewer people to cater for.

It will be an intimate affair because you’ll only be inviting family and friends-the ones closest to you. You can make time to personally welcome each guest to the ceremony.


  • Cons

Your guest list will be restricted. You won’t be able to invite everyone and there’s sure to be a little friction over who gets to come and who doesn’t.

There will be much less partying, of course. Yes, you’ll have fun, but not as much as if it had been a bigger wedding.

Here at Los Willows, we offer you an event space that can easily accommodate your dream wedding, regardless of whether it is big or small. We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400) or contact us here or leave us an email at [email protected]

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Vendor Spotlight – VG Donuts and Bakery

Los Willows believes in working hand-in-hand with other great wedding vendors to ensure the success and smooth running of your event; a flawless wedding ceremony is our ultimate goal. We worked with VG Donuts and Bakery in the past and we can honestly say they are one of the best bakeries in California. They also happen to be the stars of this week’s vendor spotlight series!



  • What sets VG Donuts and Bakery apart from other bakeries in the city?

As a full-service bakery specialized mainly in the old-fashioned baking style, VG Donuts and Bakery stands out from other bakeries in quality, experience, and customer service. The bakery is owned and has been operated by the Mettee family for over 50 years.

VG Donuts and Bakery is a great bakery that has quite frankly become part of tradition and is recognized as a landmark by many. VG Donuts and Bakery is the favorite coffee spot for many people too, but it’s more known for its sweet and always tasty baked goodies.


  • What kind of services do they provide for their customers?

Once your appointment has been confirmed, they will set up a consultation with you to fully understand your wants and preferences, then they’ll organize a tasting session so know exactly what you’re getting.

They also offer delivery services and set up at weddings and other events. Their cakes, donuts, and desserts are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, seasonal holidays, and other special events. Their customer service is excellent too.


  • What kind of wedding cake designs and desserts do they provide?

Though they have several beautiful cake designs you can choose from, VG Donuts and Bakery still work very closely with you to design a personalized cake that will be perfect for your wedding.

Apart from designing your wedding cakes, VG Donuts and Bakery also offer different dessert options. Their cakes, donuts, and desserts are all made from quality ingredients and are very affordable.

Having great food served at your wedding is necessary but the event space matters too. It won’t bode well for your guests to be served meals at a less than appealing venue, will it? So, which venue do you book? Somewhere that speaks of luxury and reflects beauty and class, yes? Somewhere like Los Willows, the best wedding venue in San Diego!

Los Willows is the perfect event space to host your wedding. Our inclusive venue and multiple ceremony sites easily accommodate any kind of wedding ceremony. If you lean towards an outdoor wedding or you’ve always fancied an indoor wedding, we have the right amenities and facilities for you.

Our event space is also spacious and convenient because we handle only one wedding per day. We also provide exclusive DJs and MCs for your entertainment. Los Willows offers you beauty, luxury, and elegance in a single venue. Contact us today to book our venue or make your inquiries. We’ll promptly reply and happily tend to you.






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4 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Style

Gone are the days when wedding designs strictly entailed white tablecloths with pink centerpieces and nothing more. And although most weddings have been put on hold due to this coronavirus pandemic, you can use this period to finetune the details of your wedding. Use it to decide on the style or theme you want, who you want to invite, etc.

This is necessary because life is slowly going back to normal as people adopt the changes they have to make to keep the virus at bay while living their lives. With lots of options available, finding the perfect style for your wedding might seem hard but don’t let it bother you. Los Willows has a few albeit great tips that can make the process easier and more fun!



  • Where to Start

The choice here is entirely up to you. You can choose a set in a film that you like, other weddings, interior design, and even graphic art. Your favorite hotels, restaurants, and retail stores can all be a form of inspiration for your wedding too.


  • Bringing Your Ideas Together

Try linking all your ideas to your venue. Eliminate the ideas that don’t fit the bigger picture of your wedding and save them for other places like your new house or even a future event. Start with your rentals and work up to the other elements that will make up your wedding venue.


  • Avoid Getting Sidetracked

The truth is that you will always find more options that look like they’re better than the one you have chosen. Make your decision and stay satisfied with it. If you try to fit in too many things at once, it’ll be like over-accessorizing an outfit. The end result is never pleasant.


  • How Can You Keep Your Theme Authentic and Accurate?

Conduct a lot of research. Study the theme that you have chosen to use very carefully. It won’t bode well to leave out an important detail that you could have easily added, so make sure you double-check to ascertain if it’s what you want. You should also try to pay attention to the nuances and how everything comes together.


Los Willows is a remarkably aesthetic and beautiful wedding venue in San Diego, and we’ll be more than happy to host your beautiful San Diego wedding as soon as it’s possible to do so again. Contact us today and we’ll show you samples of other lovely weddings we hosted!

We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400), and leave us an email at [email protected]


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Vendor Spotlight – WedSafe Wedding Insurance

Insuring your wedding against unforeseen circumstances is imperative. No one can predict what will happen in the next minute, so we don’t advise you to risk the success of your wedding by foregoing wedding insurance.

An insured wedding event gives the bride, groom, wedding planners, wedding venue, and the general public assurance of a successful wedding celebration. WedSafe Wedding Insurance is an insurance company that offers wedding insurance coverage to help protect your event, and they are the focus of the week in our vendor spotlight series!



  • What are their wedding liability insurance policy?

It’s an insurance package geared towards providing wedding liability insurance protection to wedding venues all over the USA. They cover any kind of wedding venue and have already insured thousands of wedding venues across the country. They also provide liquor liability insurance to wedding venues licensed to serve liquor at weddings.


  • What aspects do their wedding cancellation insurance cover?

As the name implies, WedSafe’s wedding cancellation and postponement insurance is an insurance package aimed at protecting non-refundable deposits paid as wedding expenses. The insurance package is applicable where a wedding ceremony initially meant to hold on a particular date is canceled or postponed for one reason or reason.

The wedding cancellation insurance also covers catastrophic events that could lead to financial loss. Their insurance also covers wedding attires, wedding photographs, gifts, and similar important items for the wedding.


  • Do they cover events held outside the USA?

Yes, they do. WedSafe wedding insurance covers wedding events in countries like Canada, Puerto Rico, and other U.S territories. Other countries covered by WedSafe wedding insurance are the UK, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands-as long as the insured party resides in the USA. The wedding venues covered in the aforementioned countries include both land-based venues and wedding ceremonies hosted on cruise ships.

If you are in need of a fully insured venue for your California wedding ceremony, look no further than Los Willows! We offer what other California wedding venues don’t, and that’s beauty and elegance befitting royalty.

Los Willows wants nothing more than to make your dream come true at our venue. Our venue is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and we excel at hosting both grand and intimate ceremonies too.

Our venue is appointed with all the modern amenities and facilities needed for a flawless wedding ceremony. Take advantage of our on-site accommodation for you and your guests, our delectable and versatile catering options, and the boat ride for the couples too.

Los Willows is an entirely exclusive and private venue, and we’re sure you’ll love that because it affords you a day all to yourselves and your loved ones. Take the first step towards your dream wedding by contacting us today to book your wedding date!


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3 Tips for The Perfect Wedding Décor

When it comes to weddings, décor is just one way a couple can showcase the beauty that is their love story. As a top wedding location, we know the importance that your décor has where your wedding is concerned and often advise our potential couple to pay attention to it too. It’s very important.

One thing we’ve also noticed is that when you introduce sentimentality into your wedding décor, the end result is a great event that you and that will remain a cherished part of everyone’s memories. Los Willows has a way of turning your wedding from plain and ordinary to romantic and unique. We’ll give you tips on what you need to do to achieve this.



  • Your Table Linens

Table linens are great for a couple trying to personalize their wedding décor. One of the ways to do this is to have something like your favorite quote printed on one side of the linens. You could also have the quotes printed on the top of the linens or put them on the table runners instead.


  • A Photo Arrangement

You can arrange wedding photos of your parents or other couples who hold special meaning in your life and make it all a part of your wedding décor. It is a great way to personalize your décor and also celebrate their union.


  • Your Wedding Backdrops

Here’s another great use for your wedding quotes. You could print out your favorite quote and make it a part of your wedding ceremony backdrop. Remember that the quote has to be meaningful and relevant to your relationship and the love story you’re telling. This is a great way to turn your wedding décor into something truly personal and unique.

Are you planning to have your luxury wedding in San Diego, California? Then Los Willows is a great event space built for that exact purpose. We’ve hosted numerous luxury weddings and have all the experience to make yours an exciting and wonderful affair too.

We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400), and leave us an email at [email protected]. You can also contact us via our website.

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Vendor Spotlight – Beauty Bar

Getting your hair and makeup done on your special day requires utter perfection. That is why you need the services of great professionals to handle every detail of your hair and makeup on that special day. One vendor we trust in this aspect is Beauty Bar, owned by wonderful Tasha Dubreuil – Marinier. It is an excellent beauty salon located in Fallbrook, California, and the spotlight falls on them this week/ So, it is with great pleasure we welcome them in our vendor spotlight series!



How long has the business been in existence?
Beauty Bar was established in 2011 by Tasha, a professional makeup .artist and hairstylist. The beauty salon is specialized mainly in hair styling and airbrush makeup, among other services. At Beauty Bar, they are always ready to create a superior look for their clients or even rebuild previously-damaged hair.


⦁ And their services?
Beauty Bar offers a wide variety of services. The can help you achieve any look you want, whether it’s just a quick touch on your face or a total transformation of your look.
Some of their hair services are haircuts, hair styling, shampoo and blow-drying, updos, coloring, and perming. Their makeup services include weddings and bridal shower makeup, airbrush makeup, regular makeup, blowout with curls, etc. They also fix lashes and offer kid sessions and many more.


⦁ What unique features set Beauty Bar above other Fallbrook beauty salons?
Tasha is known throughout Fallbrook and California for her outstanding and unique services and her ability to leave her clients satisfied on their special day. She is an award-winning stylist and educator. She has worked at some large and prestigious fashion events hosted in the US and worked with renowned people in the industry. She also has her team of highly talented makeup artists and stylists. Each member of the team is an experienced individual specialized in different aspects of makeup and hairstyling. At Beauty Bar, chairs are also rented out to some exclusive artists with great talent in their craft.

Just as you deserve to look flawless and gorgeous on your wedding day, you equally deserve to celebrate that special day at a luxurious and beautiful event center. Los Willows comes highly recommended as one of the best wedding venues in California.

We have great facilities that were erected to make you comfortable for as long as you walk within them. We offer an indoor and outdoor venue, on-site accommodation, a signature boat ride, and many more advantages you will enjoy. Contact us today to book our venue for your special events. Los Willows is as excited as you for the big day, and we’ll be honored to host your wedding in our perfect event space!

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How to Feel Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

So many couples are anything but calm and relaxed on their wedding day, and we can understand why. Being nervous means these couples often miss out on subtle but crucial moments of their wedding day and barely have any fun. Los Willows don’t want you to go down that same road. We believe that weddings should be fun for the couple and anyone who’s a part of it, so here are 6 tips on achieving a state of calm and being utterly relaxed on your wedding day.



  • Sleep Early the Night Before

Sleeping early the night before your wedding is essential because it’ll give you time to relax and, thus, you’ll be more than ready for the day’s activities when you wake up.


  • Have Some Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is an ideal way to start your wedding day. Avoid food that can make you queasy; go for light but high energy foods. And lavender-infused tea is excellent for keeping you calm and in good spirits too.


  • Use Calming Scents

Consider having your favorite scent as a room diffuser or candle to help you relax while you’re getting ready.


  • Play Music

It’s been proven that music can play a significant role in keeping people relaxed and calm, so take advantage of this. On your wedding morning, play the kind of songs that make you feel positive, excited, and comfortable too.


  • Pamper Yourself

Take a nice and long bath if you’re the kind who likes them. Spoil yourself with a luxurious dressing gown while you get ready for your wedding. Treat yourself like you normally wouldn’t do because the occasion certainly demands it! You’ll come out feeling relaxed, calm, and happy.


  • Have A First Look

A first look session is a great way to rub off any last-minute nerves and also get beautiful pictures. Pictures have a way of drawing our raw emotions in you. Look at the pictures and smile, then take strength from each other because you both know the love between the two of you is pure and true. D this and start your day on the right foot. Best of luck!

Are you planning to have a fun wedding in California? Then there’s no better place to hold it than at Los Willows. We’re a luxurious and all-inclusive outdoor wedding venue that offers you a unique ambiance for your ceremony, reception, and photos. Our venue is appointed with modern and wonderful amenities you and your guest will appreciate when the day is finally here. Give us a call today and let’s all work towards a wedding that’s as beautiful as the two of you!

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Vendor Spotlight – Elegance on Display

Elegance on Display is a wedding cake bakery in Fallbrook, California. They are masters of their craft. We’ve seen what they can do and we’re always amazed at their ‘sugary creations’. They excel at baking and designing custom-made cakes for weddings and other special events. We have worked with the owner, Jennifer, several times and we can assure you of quality and professional services from her. The spotlight falls on Elegance on Display today because we’re featuring them in our weekly vendor spotlight series!



  • What makes them unique from other caterers?

There are several reasons why Elegance on Display stand out from their competition. Jennifer has been a baker for over 35 years and has been providing her clients with unique and delicious cakes at their special events. Each year that passes means she gets better at her craft. It also means more and more satisfied customers.

Elegance on Display are known for baking and delivery of freshly-made cakes and other confectionery. They make sure every client’s cake is personalized and custom-made according to the client and the nature of the event in question. They work in tandem with their clients to design unique and beautiful cakes and desserts on their special day. They pride themselves in adding more mirth and joy to an already special day.


  • What kind of events do they cater?

They provide catering services for numerous kinds of special events, but their prime focus is on weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and graduation parties. They can also offer their services at any occasion or event they are needed. One good thing about them is how versatile they are, so customers don’t need to worry whether the cakes will reflect the theme of their event or not.


  • What are their most popular cake flavors?

They offer a wide variety of cake flavors, signature flavors, and fillings too. Some of their most popular cake flavors are almond, French vanilla, funfetti, German chocolate, lemon marble red velvet, spice, and strawberry. But their most loved signature flavors are amaretto, banana, carrot, creamsicle, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Neapolitan, pina colada, and rum.

While making arrangements to have a beautiful wedding cake baked for your wedding, think about the venue too. You’ll need an event space that can really bring out the beauty of the decorations and even the cake itself. You’ll need a luxurious and elegant wedding venue appointed with the finest, modern amenities. You’ll need a place like Los Willows!

We provide you and your guests with one of the best event centers in California. Our venue’s exquisite environment, friendly workers, and great amenities all converge to make your special day complete. Los Willows is perfect for any kind of indoor or outdoor celebration. Contact us today at https://loswillore.com  for more information about us and what we can do for you.

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3 Differences Between A Rustic and A Classic Wedding

Classic weddings have always been the norm and are still what many couples opt for these days. Think a long white gown, an ancient church, and flower arrangements almost everywhere you look. The rustic wedding is a creation of Gen Y and has also become a popular theme for modern couples. There are many differences and similarities between rustic and classic weddings, and we’ve decided to chronicle a few to help you make the right decision.



  • The Colors

For classic weddings, most couples go for a strong black and white presence in the wedding attire. When it comes to rustic-themed weddings, there is a heavy focus on natural or farm elements; you can embrace everything about the great outdoors. There are usually elements of wood and stone in the décor too.


  • Your Ceremony

Couples tend to have their traditional weddings in a church or some other formal location. The bridal party will include several attendants from bridesmaids and groomsmen to flower girls and page boys. The bride will be given away by her father or another valuable family member.

Rustic-themed weddings are held outside; under a tree or in venues like barns, sheds, and vineyards. The bouquets used are also unstructured and a little more wild-looking than their manicured, classic wedding counterparts. Couples who decide on a rustic-themed wedding may also choose to have a full bridal party afterward.


  • Your Reception

The majority of traditional weddings are formal affairs with a sit-down three-course dinner. Decorations are usually in the form of floral centerpieces and the cake will be of the tiered kind. The reception is generally quite structured, with the couple and wedding party formally introduced, great speeches, the cutting of the wedding cake, and first dance.

Any flowers present at a rustic wedding will most likely be unmanicured. There are similarities with a classic wedding here, though, because rustic receptions also consist of a sit-down dinner. But if the couple prefers a more informal buffet or hors d’oeuvres, that can be arranged too. There may be some formalities at the reception but it is quite laid back and couples have more flexibility in the tone they set for the day.

Whether rustic or classic-themed, you can hold your dream wedding with us at Los Willows. You’ll find us in San Diego and we’ll be more than happy to host you and your guests. We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400), and leave us an email at [email protected]

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Pauline Conway Photography

Los Willows is a truly unique and magnificent wedding venue that’s also a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. Many California wedding photographers love working here and once you see our venue, the modern amenities it’s appointed with, and the luxury it offers, you’ll understand why both couples and photographers adore the place.

It is only logical to work with the best wedding photographers because only they know how to capture and preserve special wedding moments in remarkably beautiful photographs. This week, in our vendor spotlight series, we’ll be featuring a particularly talented and wonderful wedding photographer we once worked with. They are called Pauline Conway, a wedding and lifestyle photography company based in San Diego, California.



  • What is their area of specialization?

Pauline Conway heads the company and specializes in weddings and family photo shoots. But it’s no secret Pauline’s services and skills extend well beyond weddings alone.  She’s an expert whose services entail Christmas photography, fashion photography, and several types of lifestyle photos anywhere within California. She also travels for out-of-state or destination weddings.


  • What photography items do they offer?

Pauline Conway photography offer photo albums, canvas, digital files, prints, wedding and lifestyle portraits, frames, etc. Regardless of which you choose, you always have a medium that reconnects you to the special and wonderful moments shared on your wedding day.


  • What should be expected during a wedding photography session?

Pauline Conway is always friendly with her clients and maintains a great working relationship with other vendors throughout the wedding ceremony and even after it. She’s very adept at helping her clients relax and stave off the anxiety so many couples succumb to.

Pauline Conway has made it a ritual to meet with her clients long before the big day to make necessary arrangements and iron out the final details. And if her clients require it, she can even provide assistance if they’re undecided on what to wear; organizing the timeline is another duty she undertakes. Think of her as an all-rounder because she involves herself as much as he can to ensure a smooth ceremony. The best part is, she does all this with dedication and flair.

With the perfect lighting, beautiful scenery, and romance in the air, what could possibly go wrong on your wedding day? Photographers are always at their best when they work in the best locations, and we can’t think of any better than Los Willows.

Is your wedding taking place in California? Los Willows would be more than happy to host your wedding. We offer unmatched and unparallel services in San Diego, and our venue accommodates both indoor and outdoor weddings.

We’re positive our classic lakeside gazebo, our multiple ceremony sites, and numerous excellent amenities will exceed your expectations. Visit us at https://www.loswillows.com for more information about our venue and why it’s an excellent choice for your wedding.

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