6 Essential Details for the Ultimate Luxury Wedding

A luxury wedding is what most couples yearn for, and we can understand why. Luxury weddings get people talking; they are bright and beautiful; they forge wonderful memories that last a lifetime. Have you been dreaming of hosting the ultimate luxury wedding in California? Go right ahead because it’s your wedding; no one has a say in it more than you and your partner. Here are 6 essential details you need to focus on for that elusive luxury wedding so many couples seek.



  • Your Theme

Your luxury wedding should focus on all the little expensive details. A luxury wedding is a theme in itself, but you can still pair it with more. A traditional, rustic, elegant, romantic, garden/outdoors, vintage, contemporary, glamorous, beach, vineyard, or boho-chic theme all work well.


  • Your Dream

If you’re planning for a luxury wedding, it also means you’re doing something that reflects you and the things you enjoy. So, what is it? Your wedding is a chance to breathe life into that dream and make it a reality.


  • Budget

Luxury weddings come with a big price tag. If you intend to embark on planning one, always take the budget into account. If you want something genuinely extravagant and lavish, be prepared to spend quite a lot, but every penny spent will be well worth it!


  • Décor

The decor at a luxury wedding usually depends on the theme the couple has chosen. But if your wedding borders less on second themes and more on being luxurious, the decoration may include expensive chandeliers and centerpieces. Choose every little detail carefully to have the desired effect.


  • Invitations

The Invitations to your luxury wedding should set the tone of what to expect. The invitation should have shades of the wedding’s theme, dress code, etc. Here’s a tip: Make them very elegant by utilizing a beautiful, stylish font or metallic detailing.


  • Dress code

For your luxury wedding, the dress code must be specified in the wedding invitations. It’s not a luxury wedding if the dress code is not formal, is it?

Are you planning to have your luxury wedding in San Diego, California? Then Los Willows is a great venue where you can do just that. We’ve hosted countless luxury weddings over the years and have the talent and experience that you’ll need to see your dream wedding come true. We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400), and leave us an email at [email protected]

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Vendor Spotlight – Mathew Reiter Photography + Film

Los Willows wants nothing more than to make your wedding a memorable and wonderful affair, but that alone does not achieve perfection, does it? We work with the most talented and skilled vendors to ensure the smooth running of your wedding ceremony. One of the most talented and accommodative vendors we have worked with is Mathew Reiter, a professional wedding photographer.

Matthew Reiter Photography is a wedding photography company based in Beaumont, California. They cover weddings all around Southern California and today, we feature them in our vendor spotlight series!



  • What makes their style different from other California photographers?

There are many things that set Mathew Reiter Photography apart. For one, Mathew’s calm and patient personality is clearly shown in the way he approaches his clients. His bright and vibrant photography style, his professional use of different lighting techniques, and how he never fails to bring out the best in each photo and occasion make him truly unique. Mathew’s striking images are products of his unique way of mixing natural, contemporary, and traditional photography during his photography sessions.


  • Do they cover other events and occasions aside from wedding photography?

Yes, they do. Mathew is always available to capture events that mean the world to his clients. He captures birthday parties, engagements, graduations, senior portraits, business portraits, etc. He also does fitness, lifestyle, landscape, fashion, and family photography, to mention a few. You can also secure his photo and video shoot services.


  • What should be expected during their wedding cinematography sessions?

Mathew’s passion for photography knows no bounds. We’ve seen him work and understand why he excels at what he does.  He’s extremely adept and skilled at capturing special moments that you can relive again and again. All his photos and videos come in full, high definition.

No special or unique moment escapes his camera’s shutter. Whether it’s a funny one, a beautiful and romantic moment, the couple’s kiss, the vows, or the speeches, Mathew is always ready with his camera.

He also conducts and covers interview sessions with the couple. This is a perfect medium for him to document the feelings between the couple as they’re expressed; the excitement in the air, and even the thoughts that had been going through their minds throughout the entire wedding ceremony.

It’s imperative your wedding is captured in amazing pictures that will never lose their value nor the emotions they hold. They should be your bridge to past memories that will never fade. And yet, the beauty of your wedding venue is something just as important too, because that’s where the pictures will be taken.

At Los Willows, we offer a beautiful and classy wedding venue for you to cater to any kind of wedding. And we go further to provide all the amenities and facilities you’ll need to have a memorable and exciting day. All you have to do is contact us and tell us what you want and we’ll handle the rest.

We’ll schedule a rehearsal with your coordinator and offer you a complimentary wedding venue planner. We even have an in-house professional DJ and MC ready to play and entertain at your event. For further inquiries about our services, contact us at www.loswillows.com

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Vendor Spotlight – Unique and Flawless Signature Hair and Make-up

At Los Willows, we take beauty and elegance very seriously, which is why we do all it takes to keep our wedding venue beautiful at all times. But we just don’t care about the beauty of the venue, no; your beauty is just as important to us.

Today’s vendor spotlight series will feature a remarkably talented makeup artist that we worked with in the past. Their professionalism can only be matched by their skill. Unique and Flawless Signature Hair and Makeup is a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist based in San Diego, California, and the spotlight falls on them today!



  • How long has Unique and Flawless catered to customers?

The company was first established in the year 2015 and has since been increasing in size. They are headed by the very talented Andrea Bernal. Her team of talented makeup artists keeps increasing in number as the business increases. Unique and Flawless is a multi-award-winning company, in no small part because of their creativity and unique skillset.

Andrea and her team of makeup artists have extensive experience in bridal makeup and hairstyling and have been using that knowledge to make brides all over San Diego smile for their grand day. They ensure that their clients feel and look their best on their special day.


  • What kinds of services do they offer?

Unique and Flawless Signature Hair and Makeup offer a variety of services to their clients. Some of these services include consultations to help Andrea and her team get to know you before the big day. She gives trial makeup to her customers so they have an idea of what to expect at the wedding.

She also offers group services to her clients and has multiple hairstylists and makeup artists that ensure that the work is done quickly and effectively. Her prime hair and makeup services are airbrush makeup, contour makeup, eye, natural, on-sight, and wedding party makeup, etc. Her hairstyling services entail blowouts, extensions, up-do, hair trials, etc.


  • Why is her company unique?

Andrea Bernal is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist but she’s also a certified cosmetologist. She got her license back in the year 2013. Andrea and her crew only use high-quality products on clients, giving them the best of her services. As a side note, Andrea is adored by her clients because of the unique way she handles them. She’s always friendly and makes her clients feel right at home whenever they go to see her.

A beautiful bridal makeup fits perfectly with a beautiful wedding venue. Contact Los Willows today to book our elegant wedding venue for your grand day. At Los Willows, you get an in-house administrative wedding planner, complimentary in-house décor, and an exclusive DJ.

The venue is more inclusive than other venues and hosts only one event per day, which means you get all the privacy you need. Our multiple ceremony sites are perfect for any kind of wedding ceremony, be it indoor or outdoor. For more information about our venue, visit our website at https://www.loswillows.com

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4 Important Things That Your Wedding Needs

Having a successful wedding is a dream that many couples have. Here at Los Willows, we believe the perfect is always within your grasp. We can help make it happen. With Los Willows, the wedding of your dreams is a step bit closer to becoming reality. To further aid you in achieving that goal, here are some tips explaining 4 important elements that your wedding cannot do without.


  • A Timeline

A timeline can go a long way towards keeping your wedding organized. A good timeline will take care of your guests, organize your wedding dinner, and cut out too much downtime; people won’t be left wondering what’s happening. So, even if you plan to have a wonderful and fun day, do yourself a favor and create a timeline, then hand it over to the people who will be helping you at the ceremony.


  • A Storage and Transportation Plan

People often ignore this little but important detail, and that should not be. If you’re bringing along your decor to your wedding, you will need a good storage and transportation plan. And you’ll need it before the wedding day because it won’t bode well to start exploring options on how you’ll get them to the venue on the wedding day. Also, remember that you’ll need space for things like DIY favors-if you’re doing those-and all the other accessories that you’ll need for your wedding.


  • Contracts

Whether your vendor is a pro or a close friend, our experts advise giving a contract for every service that you’ll need. This will help point out exactly what you need to be done. It also indicates when and how you want it done. You can also stave off any disagreements that might arise with these. Professionals will already have a contract that they’ll come with or send to you. For friends, you can download a standard contract online. Just make sure it’s specific so they know exactly what’s expected of them.


  • Get Help

As tempting as it might be to want to do this on your own, don’t do it. Many helpful services are ready to work with you and your budget. A wedding planner can be the difference between a successful wedding and a wedding that ‘flops’. Ask for help and ask for it early; it will save you so much stress and trouble, and you’ll be grateful for it.

Planning to have your wedding in San Diego, California? Then Los Willows is the right venue for you. We’ve hosted countless weddings over the years, and now we want to host yours. Beauty, class, elegance, and luxury is what we’re all about, and your wedding will reflect all this!

We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400) or write to us at [email protected]

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Vendor Spotlight: ShadowCatcher Imagery

It is everyone’s dream to be married at a beautiful wedding venue that they can showcase to the world. And wedding pictures and videos captured in a beautiful venue always stand out. They bring out the beauty and sophistication of the subjects of the pictures.

ShadowCatcher Imagery is a truly amazing wedding photography and videography company based in San Diego, California, and we’re so happy to showcase them and what they’re all about in this week’s vendor spotlight blog series.



What makes them unique from other photographers and videographers?
ShadowCatcher Imagery is a husband and wife team of creative wedding photographers and videographers. They excel at capturing breathtaking and creative photographs in any event they cover.

They are a highly trained, qualified, and trusted team, with an equally qualified assistant.
They have the ability to detect and perfectly capture those special moments in a captivating manner. They are conversant with different cultural weddings like Indian, Chinese, Filipino, and Jewish. Their style of photography is a high-end unique brand of artistic and timeless elegance.

• Can they assure their clients of quality photos and videos?
Definitely. They have been tending to couples since 2004. Even before starting their company, they were already professionals in the field and gained recognition for their photography style around the country. Over the years, they have gained enough experience to perfectly capture those special moments and also develop and produce quality pictures and videos for their wedding clients. They have had the pleasure of capturing over 500 weddings so far.

• What are their photography and videography styles?
Their photography and videography styles include contemporary, film, natural, photojournalism, traditional, and vintage styles. The photography items offered by ShadowCatcher Imagery include albums, canvas, digital files, flush-mount, matted prints, prints, proofs, save the dates, thank you cards, among others.

• What photography services and items do they offer?
The photography services offered by the company include boudoir shoot, engagement shoot, multiple locations, additional hours, trash the dress videos, high-resolution images, second shooter, liability insurance, etc. They also produce wedding portraits for their clients and cover only one event per day in order to pay maximum attention to their clients.

Do you need a picture-perfect venue for your California wedding ceremony? We’ve got the perfect venue for you! Los willows is easily one of the best wedding venues in California. Los Willows event center is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and we have all the facilities you need for a bright and beautiful wedding ceremony.

Take advantage of our on-site accommodation for you and your guests, our delicious and versatile catering options, and the boat ride for the wedding couple. Our venue is exclusive and private, so there will be no public intrusion on your special day. You can contact us on our website, loswillows.com, for more information about our venue and what we can do for you.

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3 Tips on Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are fundamental to a wedding-that goes without saying-but they don’t often receive the attention that they deserve. Those little words that forge an eternal bond between you and your spouse are very significant. They give meaning to everything else that happens during your wedding day and your new life as a married couple. Additionally, the promises that you make to one another during the ceremony set the tone and parameters of your marriage.

You want vows that are perfect for your big day, right? When deciding on them, you have to consider the wedding celebration you are planning. This is particularly important. Will it be a traditional or modern ceremony? A grand or small, intimate affair? Your pledges will have to reflect that. Listed below are 4 tips from Los Willows on what to do where your vows are concerned.



  • First, Decide What Vows Are Right for You

Some religions insist that you use the canonical wording, but others may also include personal vows. Even if your faith does not require it, merging classic and non-traditional wedding vows can honor tradition while concurrently personalizing your ceremony. Reach out to your institution in this scenario so you can come up with wedding vows that are right for you.


  • Talk to Your Future Spouse and The Officiant

Find out from them if they have any preferences. Your officiant can give great advice. Ask relevant questions because the answers can go a long way in helping you know what to write.


  • Read Example Wedding Vows, Poetry, And Love Stories

These materials are often riddled with ideas that can help you write your own vows. Please read them, put everything you get together, and select the best possible content. Here’s a tip: Take a sentence or two from literature and include “I promise” or “I vow” and make personal comments about your partner or marriage in general. Leave blanks where you aren’t sure of the wording yet, then fill in the blanks with your proposed vows.

If it helps, start over with a short, simple promise. When done, read the vows out loud to a trusted friend who can help you polish the language.

Are you looking for an inclusive, private, and gorgeous venue that is spacious for your wedding in San Diego, California? Los Willows would be more than happy to give you a listening ear. We also offer numerous other albeit great perks like complimentary décor and an exclusive DJ to make your wedding a truly wonderful experience! So, what do you say? Give us a call today and we’ll show you what we can do for you!

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Vendor Spotlight: Elegance On Display


While you and your partner are in lockdown, you might have been spending a bit of extra time searching for vendors who can assist with a few different elements of your upcoming day. If this is the case then, by this point, you’ll certainly know the importance of sourcing reviews that you can depend upon, before you secure the services of a professional vendor. 


This is why we want to share our knowledge with our clients, and connect them with professional vendors of the highest calibre and talent, who we know from our experiences provide sensational additions to weddings that are located on our private wedding estate. So, in this week’s edition of our vendor spotlight blog series, we would like to showcase the divine work of Elegance on Display. 


Elegance on Display are a bakery based in Fallbrook, who specialize in creating showstopping wedding cakes. Her mesmerising talent comes as a result of Jennifer’s 35 years of experience in the industry, during which she has baked countless scrumptious cakes for a huge variety of occasions. 


She has an exceptional dedication to her craft, and works on a personal level with every single one of her clients, to design a decadent cake that brings your ideas to life, leaving you with a delicious centerpiece to your day that is utterly unique to you. Have a look through her online gallery to see exactly what she will be able to offer you for your special day. 


The drool-worthy list of endless flavor possibilities include the classic options like almond, french vanilla, red velvet and triple chocolate, and the innovative range of signature flavors including creamsicle, banana, neapolitan and rum. The imagination here is endless and, since all of their orders are made fresh to your order, they will create a cake that suits both your personal taste and signature style perfectly. 


At Los Willows, we have had the privilege to work alongside numerous external vendors, who all bring a fantastic level of professionalism and intricate little details that set the day off absolutely beautifully. If you’ve got your heart set on our stunning private San Diego wedding estate and breathtaking garden oasis for your wedding venue then we know, from our experience working alongside Jennifer, that Elegance on Display makes the perfect partner vendor. So, if you’d like to secure Los Willows as your wedding venue, you can get in touch with us here.

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5 Unusual Trends For Themed Wedding Decor

There are countless ways that you can design a wedding, there’s no doubt about it. Whether you prefer a decor that is strictly traditional and the epitome of elegance, or an alternative 21st century refresh of these timeless styles, there’s certainly a style of decor out there that can capture your unique essence as a couple perfectly. 


The adornments that you incorporate into your wedding day are all about paying homage to your individuality, and using these designs to celebrate your personal love story in all its individuality. So, have a browse around (maybe use lockdown to spend a few afternoons finding some clever tips and points of inspiration on the internet) and find a theme that you feel is a testament to who you are as a couple and what makes you special. 


With this in mind, we wanted to share with you a few ideas for themed wedding decor that we’ve seen our guests pull off, making for a gorgeous day at our stunning private estate. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite ideas for themed wedding decor that make a couple’s individuality shine through on their wedding day. 


  • Travel – if you’re a couple who have always loved to go off jet-setting on romantic, adventurous vacations, adding a travel-theme to your decor is a great way to give your guests a sense of your unique love story 
  • Inspired by your favorite film – you could incorporate elements from your favorite films (anything from Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland) throughout your decor, to add a really fun, personal touch to the occasion 
  • Festival theme – if you want to bring the boho, fun and slightly quirky essence of a festival to your decor, this summertime outdoor vibe will perfectly match the beautiful rural setting that our estate provides. 
  • Vintage style – this is the perfect way to add chic, elegant elements to your decor, in a way that is uniquely you. Typewriters, old wooden furnishings and refurbished vintage feature pieces all make gorgeous additions to your decor. 
  • Whimsical – unleash your inner child, and let your creativity show itself in your whimsical wedding decor. This could include anything from bright colors and balloons, to light-hearted feature pieces and fun games dotted around your venue. 


At Los Willows, we love seeing all of the different ways that our guests make their mark upon their wedding day decor, making every single ceremony that we host entirely unique. Our private wedding estate in San Diego radiates rural splendour, in a garden oasis that is filled with charming spots. If you’d like to learn about how we can work with you to provide a picture-perfect wedding day, you can speak to our team here.

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Elina and Ben’s Elegant Display of Romance | At Los Willows a Fallbrook CA Wedding Venue

Elina and Ben’s Elegant Display of Romance

On this Flashback Friday, we wanted to highlight one of the most romantic and timeless weddings we have seen at our venue – Elina and Ben’s Elegant Display of Romance!

Elina and Ben did the perfect job of capturing modern romance coupled with a beautiful nod to the past. As guests arrived into our outdoor meadow ceremony space they were greeted with beautiful accents of white and slate blue while birds sang their wedding songs in the trees nearby. By choosing a color palette made up of white, light blues and sage green this couple made sure to keep the focus on the already existing elegance of our Southern California wedding estate and their love. The simplicity of the planning process and evening made it the perfect evening for dancing, making memories and celebrating Elina and Ben’s love story.

And talk about an amazing attention to detail! This sweet couple also chose the perfect photographer that matched their style and vibe – Pauline Conway Photography! 

In House Upgrades:
  • 9 am Early Arrival to the Salon
  • Red Roadster Groom Arrival
  • White Sofa Set
  • Silver Charger Plates

In House Complimentary Decor: 

  • White Folding Ceremony Chairs
  • Shepherds Hooks
  • Silver Cake Stand

Vendor List: 

  • Photographer: Pauline Conway
  • Venue: Los Willows

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Vendor Spotlight: ShadowCatcher Imagery

Have you got a wedding that’s due to take place after the end of lockdown? Although lockdown has been a challenge for all of us, while you and your partner are stuck at home together, make the most out of this opportunity, and take some time to sit down together to carefully plan out all of the details for your upcoming wedding day. Not only will this be a great job off the to-do list, we know that you’ll have a lovely time taking this moment. With nothing to distract you, you can begin to create your vision for your wedding day – enjoying this time together and also leaving you excited for all the other wonderful times that are just around the corner too. 


So, if you’ve got your heart set on Los Willows for a wedding set in our stunning garden oasis, you’re probably now at the stage where you’re to search for a wonderful wedding photographer, who you can trust to perfectly capture all of the heartfelt moments that you experience here. 


We’ve worked with some sensational wedding photographers, who have been invited by our clients to photograph their weddings here, so we would like to share our knowledge with you. So, in this week’s spotlight blog post, we would like to recommend to you the superb services of ShadowCatcher Imagery. 


Based in the Greater San Diego area, this husband and wife team are full of joy, energy and passion for their craft. They specialize in a style of photography that is ‘classic with a cutting edge’, creating images that stay true to the sentiment and tradition of the occasion, while also providing you with images that are stylishly composed and entirely unique to you. 


They have over 15 years of experience in the industry, so you can fully put your trust in these highly experienced photographers to capture every wonderful moment of your day, leaving you with a collection of images that are filled with raw emotion and tell your personal wedding story – keepsakes that you are guaranteed to treasure forever. 


ShadowCatcher Imagery have photographed numerous weddings at Los Willows, and they have always captured the splendour of the ceremonies that take place in our location perfectly. Our luxury wedding venue in San Diego, California, has multiple ceremony sites that each showcase nature at its very finest, which has given us our reputation as San Diego’s best garden wedding venue. If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer you for your picture-perfect wedding day, get in touch to speak to our team about our sensational services. 



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