The Planning Process

What should I expect at my first design meeting?2022-12-05T20:49:19+00:00

This is where you will be able to discuss your vision for your wedding, create your table designs, add on enhancements and more! Please have a vision board or Pinterest board prepared to better assist your planner in understanding your vision.

What outside vendors can I bring in?2021-10-30T17:46:09+00:00

All vendors apart from Caterer and DJ are accepted. Please speak with your Planner or Coordinator to get final approval and ensure vendor liability insurance is obtained for each vendor.

When can my vendors arrive on property?2021-10-30T17:46:24+00:00

Vendors can arrive as early as 9am to set up.

Can we change our guest count?2021-10-30T17:46:55+00:00

You can add to your contracted guests count, but if your guests count is lower than the contracted you will be charged for the contracted amount.

Can we bring our own décor?2021-10-30T17:47:34+00:00

Yes, however, we have a couple of basic décor rules:  Please do not damage the venue by permanently affixing anything to our walls or structures.  We do not all confetti due to city and state restrictions as it can harm wildlife.

Why can’t I schedule my rehearsal more than 30 days before my wedding?2021-10-30T17:47:53+00:00

Los Willows will schedule your rehearsal at 11AM on the day before your wedding.  If no event is scheduled up to thirty days prior to your wedding, we allow rehearsals to take place no later than 3PM.

How do you accommodate handicapped guests?2021-10-30T17:48:12+00:00

We will transport your h/c guests to and from the ceremony location and we offer h/c restrooms for both men and women.

Why do you close at 10PM?2021-10-30T17:48:30+00:00

This is a regulation for the County of San Diego requiring outdoor event facilities to close by 10PM.

Can I bring in my own Wedding Planner and Coordinator?2021-10-30T17:48:45+00:00

Yes, but it may not be necessary.  Los Willows provides a venue planner and venue coordinator in your package which is sufficient for most brides, however, if you require guidance beyond the venue, then a hiring your own wedding professional my be a good option.

During the winter months, why must I start my wedding no later than 3PM?2022-01-25T03:47:22+00:00

During the winter months from November through February, we start our weddings at 3PM.  The reason for this is, Los Willows is located in a canyon with a large hill to the west of us, therefore the sun sets 20 minutes earlier at Los Willows than recorded sunset time for Fallbrook.

We require your wedding to begin at 3PM to ensure public safety as we cannot allow guests to arrive or leave the meadow ceremony location in the dark.  Furthermore, we want to ensure that your ceremony and subsequent photos will not be in the dark.

I am thinking about putting an earlier start time on my invitations. Is this a good idea?2021-10-30T17:49:23+00:00

No, don’t do it!  This causes havoc when guests arrive too early as staff is not set up for them and our parking lot does not open until one hour prior to ceremony.  Guests are never happy when they are asked to wait when entering the premises.  Also, if you are wanting First Look photographs, you need the quiet time to make this happen.

Food & Beverage

When is my menu tasting?2021-10-30T17:54:33+00:00

Food tastings will be scheduled with our Event Manager, please email her at [email protected] to book your tasting now. There are limited tastings throughout the year so please, plan in advance!

Does your Caterer allow for food allergies?2021-10-30T17:54:52+00:00

Yes, please let us know when we schedule your menu tasting and be sure to inform your Wedding Planner. Finally, when turning in your guest count let us know how many specialty meals are needed and what table they will be seated at.

What is a duet plate and why is it better than a single entrée served?2021-10-30T17:55:10+00:00

This is our most popular option for those couples choosing a served menu.  The duet plate consists of two entrees and two side dishes selected by you at your tasting, which eliminates the need for your guests to list a preference on their RSVP.  We discourage single entrée selections because guest preferences can change at time of dinner service and because our menus are catered, we are unable to switch selected entrees causing some guests to be disappointed.

Can we bring in our own liquor and alcohol?2021-10-30T17:55:37+00:00

Los Willows is a licensed facility and does not allow outside alcohol as per our ABC regulations.  We do, however, allow up to two bottles of a specialized liquor that we do not carry.  A $50 corkage fee, per bottle (up to 2 bottles), will be charged.  Please call our Bar Manager, Lynne, for specific details.  760-689-6073

Pricing & Payments

How do I make a payment? What are my payment options?2021-10-30T17:49:39+00:00

There are many ways you may make a payment. You may go to our website and make a payment on-line or click on the tab offered on this bridal log in page.  You can also set up auto pay with our bookkeeper, mail a check to Los Willows 530 Stewart Canyon Road, Fallbrook CA  92028 or you can call our office and make a payment by phone. 760-731-9400

Are children and adults priced differently?2021-10-30T17:49:55+00:00

Children under 12 will be charged $25, up to 10 children, then all additional children over 12 will be charged adult pricing.

Why am I charged a service charge?2021-10-30T17:50:12+00:00

The service charge is a standard fee in the wedding industry to cover the costs of labor and other aspects of event execution, proportionate to the overall cost of the event.

Do I need to tip your staff or my vendors?2021-10-30T17:50:29+00:00

Gratuities or tips are considered voluntary.  If you experience exceptional service, it is customary to tip.

Why is my service charge and other services incurring a sales tax?2021-10-30T17:54:13+00:00

The State of California requires tax on all sold items regardless or product or service.


Do you have written map or directions to Los Willows?2022-02-07T21:12:55+00:00

Q:  Do you have written map or directions to Los Willows?

Yes. Feel free to use the image below.


Are you pet friendly?2021-10-30T17:55:58+00:00

Yes! Dogs and any well-behaved pets are allowed at your Ceremony.  Only service animals are allowed at the reception as food and beverage will be served.

Do I get a discount if I bring in my own DJ?2021-10-30T17:56:16+00:00

Our DJ is included in your package and will be in attendance to lend support and guidance.  There is no discount for not using our DJ.

What AV equipment is provided?2021-10-30T17:56:31+00:00

Los Willows offers superb acoustics and speaker systems run by our DJ.  For speeches and photo-slideshows, the DJ provides the microphone, and we provide a projector and screen.

Why do I need a security guard at my wedding?2021-10-30T17:56:53+00:00

Security serves many functions starting with directing late arriving guests so they don’t hinder your ceremony by interfering with your grand entrance.  Security is also monitoring the property for guest’s safety and keeping a watchful eye when the bar is open to avoid serving to minors, etc.

Do you offer streaming video for the ceremony for family that cannot attend?2021-10-30T17:57:11+00:00

We suggest you bring in a streaming service so that nothing is missed.  We do not have recommendations at this time but check with your planner as this could change.

What happens when it rains?2021-10-30T17:57:29+00:00

In order to set up your wedding, we will check weather prior to 11AM and set up accordingly. If rain is imminent in the forecast, the ceremony and reception will be held in the pavilion.

Why do you have restrictions on balloon releases and confetti?2021-12-07T02:08:02+00:00

Balloon Release: Los Willows, along with all other Venues in San Diego County, are not permitted to release any Balloons or any other thing that floats in air. Unfortunately, this is a San Diego County law and any balloon made of a material that is electrically conductive is prohibited from being filled with a gas that is lighter than air and released outdoors. Selling or distributing balloons filled with a gas that is lighter than air is also prohibited.

Confetti: Los Willows is an outdoor venue, and we love for our couples to celebrate in fun ways! Unfortunately, due to us being in a natural setting, the confetti, dissolving and otherwise, disrupts the gentle balance of our wildlife, so we ask that you save that for the other celebrations you have with your family and friends leading up to your wedding day. Please speak to your wedding planner about fun alternatives that are festive and memorable

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