About us

Los Willows Wedding Estate is a sophisticated garden-style venue that surrounds you with lush greenery, rolling foothills, and glistening waters. We are one of the few Fallbrook wedding venues with a breathtaking, private environment – no intrusions on your wedding day. We host both small and large weddings with up to 250 guests.

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Cathie Ransom


Cathie, a visionary entrepreneur with an indomitable spirit, embarked on a journey that would transform a serene lakeside property into the enchanting haven known as Los Willows. In 1979, her parents discovered the natural beauty of the lake and acquired the land, initially envisioning it as a hideaway spa. However, Cathie’s entrepreneurial drive steered the course of destiny.

In 1982, love found its way into Cathie’s life as she became part of a military family, her husband serving as a Marine Colonel for an admirable 30 years. It was her own wedding that exposed her to the magic of a wedding day, sparking a newfound appreciation for the elements that could elevate such celebrations. This revelation prompted her to reevaluate Los Willows, recognizing its untapped potential beyond the tranquil lake and rolling hills.

Driven by a passion for creating personalized, heartwarming experiences, Cathie poured every ounce of her entrepreneurial spirit and limited financial resources into Los Willows throughout the 90s. Her vision was to craft a venue that seamlessly blended organic, natural beauty with meticulous landscaping, creating a timeless and finished aesthetic. Every nook and cranny became an opportunity to tell a unique story and forge unforgettable memories.

The journey was an ongoing labor of love, a 30-year project that continually evolved. Cathie’s commitment to excellence extended beyond the physical space; she assembled a stellar team of wedding planners, coordinators, directors, and support staff. Collaborating with top-tier vendors in DJ services, catering, photography, florals, and more, she ensured that Los Willows not only showcased breathtaking beauty but also offered unwavering support to couples on their special day.

Los Willows stands today as a testament to Cathie’s unwavering dedication and vision. A never-ending love project, it continues to evolve under her watchful eye, offering couples a magical and personalized setting to begin their journey of love.

Meet our dedicated staff

Los Willows has a dedicated team that will help your wedding day be as memorable as possible. Meet our team members, then contact us or schedule a property tour.

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Victoria is such a kind and sweet-hearted woman who was very helpful and understanding. Erica understood what it was like to be a stressed out bride. My coordinator Tamra, she is just absolutely wonderful. She knew EXACTLY what we wanted our night to look like. Now for the star of the the show, Lynne…. this woman was adamant on making our day 100% perfect and boy did she deliver.”

Marley, December 2021

The staff was very easy to work with and we loved all the decorations that they provided to give the perfect touch. Jennifer made our entire planning process so easy and made sure the day-of the wedding ran perfectly. She was a joy to work with and she put our minds at easy every step of the way. She was personally invested in making sure our wedding was perfect.”

Michelle, June 2022

My coordinator, Alyssa, was so helpful with planning and making sure all of the arrangements were made to make sure the day was absolutely perfect leading up to our wedding day. Kendra, my day of coordinator, made sure that anything that COULD go wrong was accounted for and got me everything I needed that day. I felt so privileged to have her by my side throughout the day.”

Alyssa, September 2019

Vows for Vets: How we give back

Once a year, both Cathie and her husband Al personally select, with the help of Balboa Naval Hospital, a deserving couple that will receive an entirely free wedding celebration with a private ceremony and reception on the grounds of their wedding venue. With the support of the local Wedding Professionals and the Community, the Ransoms are able to give these amazing couples the wedding of their dreams.