4 Wedding Color Palettes That Work for Every Season

Choosing your wedding colors is an important part of your wedding planning. But it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. The uncertainty birthed by this pandemic can also have you feeling reluctant. The simple fact is, there’s a chance that you can end up postponing your wedding with no certainty on when the actual date might then be.

If you’ve chosen a palette solely based on a particular season at that point, chances are you’ll have to switch out and start again. There’s a simple solution to this, though: Going with timeless base wedding colors.

You can then use other simple details to tailor the colors to the season you’ve earmarked for your wedding. Here are some of these colors.



  • Blush and Pale Blue

This color combination is romantic and very chic. You can use other color accents to make it mirror whatever season your wedding is in. For summer and Fall, you can combine it with Vibrant colors. For Winter and Spring, metallic hues will do the trick-The best part is that you can leave it just the way it is too.


  • Muted Jewel Tones

If you choose a wedding color palette of jade, mauve, and lavender, you can use it for a wide range of themes. While their vibrant counterparts-like amethyst and sapphire-are often used for Winter and Fall, the muted ones will fit a wedding held in any season.


  • Navy Blue and Gold

Not only is this color palette gorgeous, but it also works for any season too. Accent colors like gray, burgundy, and dusty blue will perfect the palette. Your wedding can easily look regal and classy thanks to what this palette can achieve.


  • Gray, Green, and Cream

If you’re a couple who loves neutral colors, then this color palette is for you. It can easily be adapted to fit any time of the year and any theme too. The palette is also very sophisticated and can turn any ceremony into a unique and beautiful celebration.


Are you looking for a good location for your wedding in San Diego, California? Los Willows is a private estate venue replete with excellent amenities and several complimentary. Everything we offer you is geared towards making your wedding a wonderful affair that’s also a resounding success! Want to know more? Contact us today!



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3 Important Questions to Ask Before Renting Your Wedding Venue

There are certain unavoidable and important questions you must ask before you rent the perfect venue for your wedding. The answers to these questions then guide you in making the decision to either choose the venue or keep searching for others that meet your needs or preferences.



  • Ask about the availability and price of renting the venue.

You can’t possibly use an unavailable wedding venue or a wedding venue that is far beyond your wedding budget, can you? These are the reasons why you need to be sure if your proposed wedding date is available and ascertain the pricing policy of the desired wedding venue.

Questions that are necessary to ask about pricing and availability are: Is your venue available for rent on my wedding date? How can I book your wedding venue? What are your pricing details and policy? What amenities are included in your wedding packages? Can my bookings be canceled or extended?

These, among other similar questions, need to be asked before booking any wedding venue because it gives you a general idea about the wedding venue and if the venue will be perfect for you.


  • Ask about the general features and rules of the venue.

After confirming that the wedding venue is available on your date, and the pricing policy is okay with you, questions about the features and capacity of the venue become the next to ask.

Can the venue accommodate the number of wedding guests I have in mind? How long can I and my guests use the venue for the wedding? Are there any restricted areas within the venue? Is anyone allowed to drink/smoke within the wedding venue? Is there a specific smoking area at the wedding venue?  Are children allowed into the venue? Can my gift and items be safe at your venue?

These details will let you know the holding capacity and features of the venue you intend to book.


  • Ask questions about the venue designs and décor

The general outlook of the venue you are planning to book is also a determining factor for the perfect venue. Questions to be asked are: Am I allowed to bring décor items to your venue? Are there any décor materials available at your venue? Do you provide any furnishings and other equipment at your venue? Do you provide audio/visual equipment at your venue?

This knowledge will help you know what items and equipment to source for.


If you need the perfect California wedding venue, Los Willows in San Diego is easily your best bet! Our multiple ceremony sites and the inclusive venue is perfect for any kind or style of wedding.

If you want the perfect indoor or outdoor venue with amazing facilities and amenities for your wedding, contact us today to book our exquisite venue.

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5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Does their style reflected in their portfolio match what you want for your photos?

Luckily, we live in a time where social media has flourished and researching is as easy as browsing Instagram or Pinterest for wedding inspiration. Notice what photographs you are drawn to and figure out what they have in common. Do you enjoy the soft, brightly light photos or the highly saturated, colorful ones? Do you want the photos to have a more dramatic or playful feel or a mix of moods? Most photographers can do a variety of shots, but once you settle on the style you like, you can begin your search for the photographer that’s right for you!

What kinds of packages do they offer and what is included in each one?

When it comes to selecting a photographer, make sure to check out what kind of packages they offer. Usually, they will offer a variety of packages at different price ranges. Other than the edited digital files, many offer products like physical prints, wall art, and photo albums! You won’t be able to know the exact price it will cost until you figure out what you want. Also, make sure to ask what their time frame is for completing the edited photos to be sent to you.

What is the price range of the packages and does it fit within your budget?

After deciding what kind of package you would like, you can begin to see around how much it will cost. When inquiring about costs, make sure to clarify details to find out what exactly is included within that price. How many hours of coverage are included? Will there be a second shooter? How much would it cost to book an engagement shoot as well? Another tip is to make sure to ask about the rights to the photos because this will affect the cost as well because you typically have to buy the rights to the images if you plan on printing them yourself. It’s helpful to write a list of questions you have, so you can make sure to get them all answered by the photographer!

What do their reviews say?

Another perk to the online world is that we are able to easily see reviews of the different photographers! Of course, you will be checking out their portfolio to determine if you like their photography style. But it is also incredibly important to see what it is like to work with them! What kind of experience will you have if you choose them for your wedding?

Will your personalities mesh well together?

So you love their photography and they have rave reviews, but will you get along with them? It’s absolutely crucial to see if your personalities mesh well together. Are they excited about your vision for your big day? Do they ask lots of questions? Are they a great listener? Pick a professional that is assertive enough to seek out those memorable shots but friendly enough to put you and your guests at ease. Your photographer will be beside you on your special day, so it’s essential for the two of you to feel as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable the both of you are, the more magical the photos will turn out to be!

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Why an Intimate Wedding Is Truly All You Need

Sometimes, while planning a wedding, you might become indecisive about having a small, intimate wedding or a large wedding. Both can be tempting but if you look at the heart of it, an intimate wedding really draws more from romance and intimacy than its larger counterpart. Large weddings are more about the grandeur and flair but the beauty of small weddings lies in how deep the intimacy and emotions entwined around them are.


Conversely, this indecision can stem from a simple desire to keep your wedding small and intimate. From our experience hosting intimate weddings, we can tell you such weddings offer all the fun and excitement grand weddings offer-the only difference is your wallet won’t be any lighter when all is said and done! Below are a few more reasons why a small wedding is truly all you need.



  • It is budget-friendly

A wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. So, give it your all to see that it comes out perfect. But doing that might also make it necessary for you to spend a lot of money, right? Not necessarily.

A small wedding is fun and can be planned or organized with little funds spent on it. This leaves you with money to cater to other aspects of the wedding or even tend to post-wedding affairs like the honeymoon.


  • It creates an intimate environment

A small wedding entails you cut down on the guest list and invite only those who truly matter you. Doing this means all those in attendance share a very close bond with you. This helps to create an intimate environment; one where you are surrounded by those you love while marrying the person you love.


  • You won’t get overwhelmed

On your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure that everyone in attendance is well taken care of. But with a large number of guests, this can sometimes get overwhelming; a small wedding is not susceptible to this because the small number of guests means you’ll be able to give everyone equal attention without being overwhelmed.


Let Los Willows host your close-knit ceremony. Our exquisite venue offers everything you could need for a celebration that will live on in your memories for as long as you live.

We have hosted countless beautiful weddings over the years and we foresee many more weddings ahead of us; we want yours to be next! From our modern amenities to the beauty of the structure itself, Los Willows is the perfect wedding venue for even the most discriminating couple.

Our clients are enthused the moment we tell them how our wedding will help make their wedding something truly special. To perfect your intimate wedding,  simply book Los Willows!

Come see us at  530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can also contact us here or call us here: (760) 731-9400). An email is fine too, so send us one here: [email protected]



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Vendor Spotlight – Wedsure Wedding Insurance

We have worked with a vast amount of wedding companies over the years, which means we have good knowledge of these companies and know which of them can serve you properly and solve your problems. Wedsure is a wedding insurance company we worked with some time ago and we harbor no reservations about their credibility and efficiency. They are today’s stars in our weekly vendor spotlight series!



  • Why is Wedsure a peculiar wedding insurance company?

Wedsure began its wedding insurance company from a non-existent industry. They were the first to introduce wedding insurance to the insurance industry and, for 25 years now, have been expanding their clientele base, popularity, and the quality of service they offer.

Wedsure wedding insurance has a reputation for being fast, affordable, and very accommodating. Another of their unique features is that they instantly provide you with your certificate of insurance. In a nutshell, Wedsure is a reliable wedding insurance company you can trust. We can vouch for them just like their clients can.


  • What does the wedding insurance cover?

Wedsure covers an extensive list of wedding insurance options. They effectively cover your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner too.

Their insurance also covers your wedding gifts, jewelry, all rented properties, your wedding attire, your wedding photos and videos, etc.

Their host liquor liability insurance covers the serving of wine, beer, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages.

They also cover you in case of any unfortunate incidents that may lead to the cancellation of the wedding.


  • How secure is Wedsure insurance?

Very secure. All of their policies are insured by one of the largest multinational property A+ rated insurers in the world: Allianz.

Wedsure is a part of the prestigious R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. (RVNA), which simply means every policy purchased from Wedsure is backed by both RVNA and Allianz.

Furthermore, Wedsure takes your privacy and security very seriously and follows every insurance regulation for your safety.


Have you decided on a California wedding venue for your upcoming wedding yet? Look no further than Los Willows! We make wedding dreams come true, regardless of the size, nature, or type of wedding.

Our venue is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and we offer all the facilities needed for a flawless wedding ceremony and reception.

Other perks to be enjoyed are on-site accommodations, delicious menus replete with a variety of delectable fare, and the boat ride for the wedding couples.

Contact us today to book your wedding date at our exclusive and private venue.

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3 Simple Tips to Help You Find Your Wedding Style

With your wedding already approaching, we’re sure you’ve spent hours scrolling through social media to find the perfect wedding style, yes? While that’s good for inspiration, it can sometimes overwhelm you. To help you stay focused on planning your wedding and saving time, we’ve provided you with some really neat tips to help you find your style.



  •       Set Your Priorities

The first step to find your wedding style is to set your priorities. To do this, you and your partner must create a list of what you need for the wedding. Start the necessities; putting your must-haves at the fore so you mitigate the risk of using funds on things that aren’t truly necessary.


  •       Consider Your Personality as a Couple

Your wedding is supposed to reflect who you are, isn’t it? Engage in a heart-to-heart chat with your spouse on your interests, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Even if you already know and understand each other, talking about such matters streamlines the whole planning process. It will help to narrow your search when finding your style.


  •       Determine the Venue You Want To Use

Figuring out your wedding venue is not as simple as it sounds. There are several factors that need to be considered before you can arrive at the perfect venue. This gets more difficult when you and your spouse are based in different places.

You also have to consider your guest list and where they’ll all be coming from. Take these into cognizance and you’ll have a better idea of what kind of venue to book and where it will be.


Los Willows is a private event and wedding venue that gives ‘beauty and prestige’ new meanings. Our venues come replete with everything you could need to create your dream wedding.

We offer amenities and facilities to keep you and your guests comfortable for the entire duration of the wedding. We put your comfort first and provide you with truly exceptional services.

Los Willows has a team of experienced coordinators who ascertain that every detail of the event is given due attention and tended to. To book Los Willows for your wedding, contact us or come see us at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028; call us at (760) 731-9400).

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Vendor Spotlight – Markel Insurance

One of Los Willows’ ultimate goals is to ensure our clients have a hitch-free wedding and enjoy the amazing experiences a celebration as special as a wedding offer. We work with some of San Diego’s best and most professional vendors and insurance companies to ascertain our clients get nothing but the best.

Markel Insurance, founded in 1980, offers insurance solutions for events, business owners, and more, and the spotlight falls on them this week. We welcome another great vendor in yet another edition of Los Willows’ vendor spotlight series!



  • Why choose Markel Insurance for your event?

With over 70 years of experience in different insurance niches and 15 years of wedding and event insurance, Markel Insurance has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in insurance to efficiently serve your insurance needs and proffer credible solutions to it too.

Their extraordinary customer service, motto, and unique high-end services is what sets the company apart from other insurance companies in the state. They cover weddings, businesses, and other special events.


  • What is included in their wedding insurance package?

With Markel Insurance covering your wedding, you can be assured of a risk-free wedding ceremony.

They offer different wedding insurance packages like the wedding liability insurance which helps protect you from any financial loss that may occur due to property damage or physical injuries on your guests; the wedding cancellation insurance which will help protect you from financial loss stemming from non-refundable deposits; and a complete wedding insurance package that grants you full protection for money loss at the wedding.


  • What risk solution service is offered by Markel Insurance?

They provide custom risk solutions to meet each client’s needs. Their team of professionals and qualified experts will help you identify possible solutions to help reduce the chances of any loss at your event. They also grant access to certain safety materials that include a video library and other materials to help guide you towards the success of your event. They can update you with information about hazard identification and how to avoid them too.


Looking for the best wedding venue in San Diego? You really don’t have to look further than Los Willows! Our structure was designed to be both functional and beautiful, with parts that meld into each other in utterly pleasing symmetry. Our venue is swathe with grandeur, prestige, splendor, and class, so we guarantee your wedding will be beyond beautiful.

Our inclusive venue and multiple ceremony sites, on-site accommodation, and other amazing facilities and amenities are simply perfect for any kind of wedding you want. The spacious wedding venue can easily accommodate your indoor and outdoor weddings, and our exclusive DJs and MCs will keep you entertained throughout your wedding

Contact us today to book your proposed wedding date and watch as your dream wedding comes to life!

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Should I Have A Big Wedding or a Small Wedding?

Here at Los Willows, we have a wealth of wonderful things ready for your wedding. We’ve perfected the art of painting weddings with beauty, and we owe a large part of that to our luxurious wedding venue.

Los Willows is an excellent wedding venue that can easily make any type of wedding look grand and fabulous, so your only focus should be on deciding what kind of wedding you want. Considering what’s happening to the world right now with COVID-19 still in our midst, you’re probably a bit confused about how to proceed when it comes to the size of your wedding, aren’t you? This post should help out a bit, then.



Big Weddings

Big weddings, depending on where you are from, might mean a guest list of 300 and above. The following are the pros and cons of a big wedding:


  • Pros

You will have no restrictions on your guest list. For your big wedding, you can invite any and everyone.

You will have more fun and you’ll party harder because the more the merrier, right? The larger the number of guests at your wedding, the more fun it will be for you.


  • Cons

You will definitely be breaking the bank for this one. Big weddings mean more cost per head, so be ready for it.

There will be less intimacy too. It is a wedding tradition for the bride and groom to spend some time welcoming each guest but this is impossible to do at a large wedding due to the sheer number of people in attendance.

You will have a harder time planning it. Think of the seating arrangements and social distancing and such. You or your wedding planner will be compelled to invest a lot of time and effort before you can get everything right.


Small Weddings

A wedding is considered small if the guests are less than 120 in number.


  • Pros

Your budget will be sufficient. If your wedding is small, you won’t have to spend anything more than you’re comfortable with and the quality of your occasion will be better because there are fewer people to cater for.

It will be an intimate affair because you’ll only be inviting family and friends-the ones closest to you. You can make time to personally welcome each guest to the ceremony.


  • Cons

Your guest list will be restricted. You won’t be able to invite everyone and there’s sure to be a little friction over who gets to come and who doesn’t.

There will be much less partying, of course. Yes, you’ll have fun, but not as much as if it had been a bigger wedding.

Here at Los Willows, we offer you an event space that can easily accommodate your dream wedding, regardless of whether it is big or small. We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400) or contact us here or leave us an email at [email protected]

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Vendor Spotlight – VG Donuts and Bakery

Los Willows believes in working hand-in-hand with other great wedding vendors to ensure the success and smooth running of your event; a flawless wedding ceremony is our ultimate goal. We worked with VG Donuts and Bakery in the past and we can honestly say they are one of the best bakeries in California. They also happen to be the stars of this week’s vendor spotlight series!



  • What sets VG Donuts and Bakery apart from other bakeries in the city?

As a full-service bakery specialized mainly in the old-fashioned baking style, VG Donuts and Bakery stands out from other bakeries in quality, experience, and customer service. The bakery is owned and has been operated by the Mettee family for over 50 years.

VG Donuts and Bakery is a great bakery that has quite frankly become part of tradition and is recognized as a landmark by many. VG Donuts and Bakery is the favorite coffee spot for many people too, but it’s more known for its sweet and always tasty baked goodies.


  • What kind of services do they provide for their customers?

Once your appointment has been confirmed, they will set up a consultation with you to fully understand your wants and preferences, then they’ll organize a tasting session so know exactly what you’re getting.

They also offer delivery services and set up at weddings and other events. Their cakes, donuts, and desserts are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, seasonal holidays, and other special events. Their customer service is excellent too.


  • What kind of wedding cake designs and desserts do they provide?

Though they have several beautiful cake designs you can choose from, VG Donuts and Bakery still work very closely with you to design a personalized cake that will be perfect for your wedding.

Apart from designing your wedding cakes, VG Donuts and Bakery also offer different dessert options. Their cakes, donuts, and desserts are all made from quality ingredients and are very affordable.

Having great food served at your wedding is necessary but the event space matters too. It won’t bode well for your guests to be served meals at a less than appealing venue, will it? So, which venue do you book? Somewhere that speaks of luxury and reflects beauty and class, yes? Somewhere like Los Willows, the best wedding venue in San Diego!

Los Willows is the perfect event space to host your wedding. Our inclusive venue and multiple ceremony sites easily accommodate any kind of wedding ceremony. If you lean towards an outdoor wedding or you’ve always fancied an indoor wedding, we have the right amenities and facilities for you.

Our event space is also spacious and convenient because we handle only one wedding per day. We also provide exclusive DJs and MCs for your entertainment. Los Willows offers you beauty, luxury, and elegance in a single venue. Contact us today to book our venue or make your inquiries. We’ll promptly reply and happily tend to you.






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4 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Style

Gone are the days when wedding designs strictly entailed white tablecloths with pink centerpieces and nothing more. And although most weddings have been put on hold due to this coronavirus pandemic, you can use this period to finetune the details of your wedding. Use it to decide on the style or theme you want, who you want to invite, etc.

This is necessary because life is slowly going back to normal as people adopt the changes they have to make to keep the virus at bay while living their lives. With lots of options available, finding the perfect style for your wedding might seem hard but don’t let it bother you. Los Willows has a few albeit great tips that can make the process easier and more fun!



  • Where to Start

The choice here is entirely up to you. You can choose a set in a film that you like, other weddings, interior design, and even graphic art. Your favorite hotels, restaurants, and retail stores can all be a form of inspiration for your wedding too.


  • Bringing Your Ideas Together

Try linking all your ideas to your venue. Eliminate the ideas that don’t fit the bigger picture of your wedding and save them for other places like your new house or even a future event. Start with your rentals and work up to the other elements that will make up your wedding venue.


  • Avoid Getting Sidetracked

The truth is that you will always find more options that look like they’re better than the one you have chosen. Make your decision and stay satisfied with it. If you try to fit in too many things at once, it’ll be like over-accessorizing an outfit. The end result is never pleasant.


  • How Can You Keep Your Theme Authentic and Accurate?

Conduct a lot of research. Study the theme that you have chosen to use very carefully. It won’t bode well to leave out an important detail that you could have easily added, so make sure you double-check to ascertain if it’s what you want. You should also try to pay attention to the nuances and how everything comes together.


Los Willows is a remarkably aesthetic and beautiful wedding venue in San Diego, and we’ll be more than happy to host your beautiful San Diego wedding as soon as it’s possible to do so again. Contact us today and we’ll show you samples of other lovely weddings we hosted!

We’re located at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can call us at (760) 731-9400), and leave us an email at [email protected]


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