Elina and Ben’s Elegant Display of Romance | At Los Willows a Fallbrook CA Wedding Venue

Elina and Ben’s Elegant Display of Romance

On this Flashback Friday, we wanted to highlight one of the most romantic and timeless weddings we have seen at our venue – Elina and Ben’s Elegant Display of Romance!

Elina and Ben did the perfect job of capturing modern romance coupled with a beautiful nod to the past. As guests arrived into our outdoor meadow ceremony space they were greeted with beautiful accents of white and slate blue while birds sang their wedding songs in the trees nearby. By choosing a color palette made up of white, light blues and sage green this couple made sure to keep the focus on the already existing elegance of our Southern California wedding estate and their love. The simplicity of the planning process and evening made it the perfect evening for dancing, making memories and celebrating Elina and Ben’s love story.

And talk about an amazing attention to detail! This sweet couple also chose the perfect photographer that matched their style and vibe – Pauline Conway Photography! 

In House Upgrades:
  • 9 am Early Arrival to the Salon
  • Red Roadster Groom Arrival
  • White Sofa Set
  • Silver Charger Plates

In House Complimentary Decor: 

  • White Folding Ceremony Chairs
  • Shepherds Hooks
  • Silver Cake Stand

Vendor List: 

  • Photographer: Pauline Conway
  • Venue: Los Willows

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Vendor Spotlight: ShadowCatcher Imagery

Have you got a wedding that’s due to take place after the end of lockdown? Although lockdown has been a challenge for all of us, while you and your partner are stuck at home together, make the most out of this opportunity, and take some time to sit down together to carefully plan out all of the details for your upcoming wedding day. Not only will this be a great job off the to-do list, we know that you’ll have a lovely time taking this moment. With nothing to distract you, you can begin to create your vision for your wedding day – enjoying this time together and also leaving you excited for all the other wonderful times that are just around the corner too. 


So, if you’ve got your heart set on Los Willows for a wedding set in our stunning garden oasis, you’re probably now at the stage where you’re to search for a wonderful wedding photographer, who you can trust to perfectly capture all of the heartfelt moments that you experience here. 


We’ve worked with some sensational wedding photographers, who have been invited by our clients to photograph their weddings here, so we would like to share our knowledge with you. So, in this week’s spotlight blog post, we would like to recommend to you the superb services of ShadowCatcher Imagery. 


Based in the Greater San Diego area, this husband and wife team are full of joy, energy and passion for their craft. They specialize in a style of photography that is ‘classic with a cutting edge’, creating images that stay true to the sentiment and tradition of the occasion, while also providing you with images that are stylishly composed and entirely unique to you. 


They have over 15 years of experience in the industry, so you can fully put your trust in these highly experienced photographers to capture every wonderful moment of your day, leaving you with a collection of images that are filled with raw emotion and tell your personal wedding story – keepsakes that you are guaranteed to treasure forever. 


ShadowCatcher Imagery have photographed numerous weddings at Los Willows, and they have always captured the splendour of the ceremonies that take place in our location perfectly. Our luxury wedding venue in San Diego, California, has multiple ceremony sites that each showcase nature at its very finest, which has given us our reputation as San Diego’s best garden wedding venue. If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer you for your picture-perfect wedding day, get in touch to speak to our team about our sensational services. 



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4 Little Touches for the Perfect Boho Wedding

This year, boho weddings have been all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. 


Boho (short for bohemian) is a style that’s bang on trend and – having been originally inspired by the hippies of the 1960’s and 70’s then taking on various other elements and points of inspiration over time – basically encapsulates everything that’s free spirited and natural. 


What’s more, we’ve found that it makes a classic yet unique style of decor that suits weddings set within our rural, private wedding estate absolutely perfectly. So, for all of our clients that are currently going about planning their picture-perfect outdoor wedding, we wanted to share a few of our favorite ideas to help you add a touch of boho style to your absolutely breathtaking wedding day. 


  • A subtle color palette 


Ideally, the color palette for your wedding’s decor should mostly consist of soft, subtle colors like creams, whites and pale pinks. This can then be set off by the abundance of natural greenery surrounding it absolutely beautifully.


  • Chunky wooden decorations 


Decorate the venue with cool, rustic decorations made out of chunky wood. These decorations could be everything from signposts to table decorations, or even clever feature pieces. This ties in perfectly to all the natural splendour surrounding you, in a very fashionable, sophisticated way. 


  • Plenty of beautiful flowers


These are an absolute staple decoration for a wedding that’s inspired by boho style. Adorn your ceremony with an array of gorgeous flowers, fauna and greenery, in a way that is glamorous while still retaining that natural, unstaged feel. 


  • Make sure that your ceremony is perfectly positioned around the venue’s natural hot spots 


At Los Willows, our private wedding estate is filled with breath-taking natural spots that will leave you and your guests in absolute awe. Thanks to our extensive experience working with our clients to make their dream, picture-perfect natural wedding come to life, we know exactly which spots provide the most gorgeous places to locate the different parts of your day. 


Our stunning garden oasis based in San Diego makes the splendour, elegance and beauty of nature itself a part of your wedding day and its design. By choosing Los Willows as the venue for your wedding day, you are guaranteed to have the most sensational day, with an unforgettable, unique style inspired by nature itself. If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer you on your wedding day, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team

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Vendor Spotlight: VG Donuts

One thing that I know a lot of us have really missed, ever since lockdown started, is being able to eat out. We’d class ourselves as proper foodies and obviously, since we haven’t been able to go out to a restaurant or cafe in what feels like forever, naturally you’ll probably find us daydreaming about all kinds of tasty dishes and treats during the day time. 


So, we thought we’d put our daydreaming to good use, and have a think about wedding vendors who provide absolutely sensational food time and time again for their clients. The wedding food that VG provides has always stuck out as super memorable to us, on the many occasions that they’ve catered to couples that have had their ceremony with us.


So while we’ve all got food on the brain, we wanted to dedicate this week’s vendor spotlight blog post to the fantastic team at VG Donuts, and share their sensational dishes (through words, sorry!) with our clients. 


VG offer a sensational array of flavors and fillings, so that they make sure that your wedding cake ticks every single one of your boxes. Flavors include the traditional options, such as white (a very traditional hint of orange vanilla), chocolate fudge and marble (a combination of white and chocolate). Or, you could go for something a bit more off the beaten track, with carrot, red velvet or even banana (that’s available as a gluten-free alternative too). Plus, if that wasn’t enough for you, their range of filling encompasses everything from almond cream, chocolate Bavarian cream, fresh blueberries and lemon, right the way through to mocha, oreo cookie crumb and even piña colada.


At VGs, wedding cakes are their specialty. Their flavors are unforgettable, and their designs are a stand out combination of traditional elegance with the introduction of a few modern trends, all the while keeping the design absolutely unique to you and your personal tastes. 


VG Donut & Bakery also offer their clients the opportunity to go for the fun, innovative alternative of a dessert bar for their wedding day. The table is filled with an array of scrumptious treats, including donut bites, cupcakes, cookies, blondies, brownies, lemon bars and many more. 


There’s just something so universally wonderful about going out and tasting food made by an absolute pro with a real passion for their cooking – and that sensation doesn’t just stop at restaurants, it extends to weddings too. Delicious food makes everyone happy, there’s no doubt about it, and the decadent, indulgent food that is served at weddings is a wonderful moment for the guests and the couple alike to take a pause and share in something divine.


We’re a luxury wedding venue in San Diego, California, with multiple ceremony sites in a spacious private estate that boasts an abundance of gorgeous natural wonders, giving us a reputation as San Diego’s best garden wedding venue. So, if the combination of this stunning scenery and sensational food sounds perfect to you, get in touch with us to find out more about how we can make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable.  

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Our Top Tips for a Stunning Rural Wedding Setting

Here at Los Willows, as a private wedding estate in San Diego, we provide our clients with an absolutely picture-perfect rural wedding ceremony. By choosing to have your ceremony take place in our magnificent garden oasis set in the heart of San Diego’s luscious rolling green hills, you make the great outdoors, in all of its glory, a wonderful part of your special day. 

We’ve hosted a countless number of breathtaking weddings, that have been superbly designed in order to make the ceremony and the natural beauty surrounding it enhance each other. So, using our extensive experience of hosting weddings in a rural setting, we wanted to provide our clients with some of our key tips to making sure that your outdoor ceremony with us goes ahead absolutely perfectly.



  • Incorporate nature into the design 


When you’re having an outdoor ceremony, the best way to really make the occasion beautiful is by sticking to a subtle, natural design scheme. Rather than trying to bring too much of the indoors outside, use your rural surroundings to inspire your design. Incorporate natural touches like foliage, greenery, potted flowers and elegant bouquets so that your design compliments the scenery, and vise-versa. 



  • Use the rural setting to your advantage


Use the streaming sunshine, beautiful blue sky and natural splendour surrounding you to your advantage. This, paired with your design inspired by nature, will create a friendly happy mood throughout the whole ceremony, and add romance to the occasion too. 



  • Use decorations that suit the setting 


Harsh, bright colors and chunky, angular features, or design features that were obviously synthetic would create a very jarring, clashing effect between your ceremony and the natural scene surrounding it. So, we’d recommend instead opting for soft, flowing fabrics that add a gentle touch to the decor, and intriguing feature pieces that capture the eye in a subtle and intriguing way without being ‘too in your face’ about it.


Our breathtaking location provides a stunning backdrop for the wedding ceremonies that we host. What we love about a rural wedding is the romance and sentiment that it infuses into the ceremony, while keeping the couple themselves firmly at the heart of the day and its celebrations. Furthermore, whatever personal touches and design ideas that you’d like to feature in your wedding, at Los Willows, we work with all of our clients very closely, to create a magnificent rural ceremony that you will remember forever. 

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Leah Marie Photography

We provide all of our guests with a natural wedding ceremony which makes all of nature’s soft subtle beauties and majesty a part of the ceremony itself. In the ceremonies that we have hosted, we have had the opportunity to witness the work of countless wonderful wedding photographers. Out of these, there were a few photographers whose work particularly stood out to us, as photographers who we felt were especially able to capture our natural setting in all of its glory, while using it as a stunning backdrop to the photographs which captured the beauty of, and the love shared between, the couple themselves. 


We understand the difficulties that present themselves when you’re facing the challenging choice of who to pick as your wedding photographer. With regards to your wedding planning, this is rather a unique case as, due to the nature of the craft, couples in reality have very little concrete knowledge of what they will ultimately receive as their wedding photos. This makes it an especially nerve wracking decision to make, and we recommend reading reviews carefully, and browsing through online portfolios in detail, to make the right decision for you. 


We wanted to use our position to help our clients who are in this position, by spotlighting some of our very favorite wedding photographers, who have delighted our clients and captured our venue wonderfully. This is why we have chosen to dedicate this blog post to showcasing the magnificent work of Leah Marie Photography.  


Leah and Marcella are a duo of fun and friendly women who are absolutely dedicated to their craft. Their passion shines through everything that they do, which means that their wedding photography is nothing short of breathtaking. Their commitment to authentically telling every couple’s unique story is immediately present to any viewer, upon seeing the emotion perfectly captured on their faces, exactly as it was felt in the moment. 


Their specialisms as photographers include combining natural lighting, simple setting and real emotions, to capture photographs that their clients will treasure forever. 


Here at Los Willows, the beauty of the natural scenery in which we find ourselves immersed never fails to take our breath away. We take immense joy from our reputation as San Diego’s best garden wedding venue. Our breathtaking wedding venue includes an abundance of natural wonders, including water features, luscious foliage and even romantic hidden paths. 


We’re a luxury wedding venue in San Diego, California, with multiple ceremony sites in a spacious private estate that even has its own private lake. In addition to this magnificent setting, to make the inside as perfect as the outside, we can offer our guests assistance from our in house Administrative Venue Planner and Wedding Coordinator, use of our gorgeous on-site salon, an exclusive DJ, complimentary in-house decor and even private boat cruises for the newlywed couple and their guests. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us, to speak to a member of our fantastic team about how we will work with you to make your wedding dreams picture-perfect realities.

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Fun ways to add a touch of personality to your wedding day

While we understand that Coronavirus might have meant that you have had to press pause on your plans for the time being, this gives you extra time to plan fun joyful little things like these to make your day extra-special when the day comes around. 

Here at Los Willows, as a private wedding estate in San Diego, we love getting to know all of our clients and seeing how their fun, joyful personalities are present within every element of their wedding day. So we had a little think about some of our favorite ways to spot these fun additions that we have seen our guests use in their ceremonies over the years. 


1. Pets

If you’re an animal lover, your four-legged friends are bound to be a major part of your life. So it makes a lot of sense to have them play a part in the ceremony too. Whether they’re the ring bearer, flower girl or the entertainment, your pets are a great, fun way to bring a piece of your personality and your normal life to the ceremony too.  


2. Imaginative food

If you’re a pair of foodies, shaking up the norms of expected wedding food is the perfect way to share a piece of your personality with your guests during your reception. Whether it be bringing in fun caters like ice creams vans, serving up innovative canapes, or making a statement with the cake itself (you can get wedding cakes in all kinds of scrumptious flavors, decorated in every way imaginable and even made out of cheese!),


3. Mementos for your guests 

You can make these as silly or sentimental as you like, whatever matches with your personalities, but we think that this is a lovely way to show your guests how much you care about them in a way that speaks to you personally. This can involve fun things like disposable cameras which they can use throughout the day, favors which include personal messages you both for your guests, incorporating homemade touches into your favors or just making these mementos something a little bit outside of the box. We know from our experiences just how much it will mean to them. 


Whatever touches of personality and whimsy you’d like to add to your wedding, our lovely team would be delighted to integrate these into your day, to make your wedding day exactly as you dreamt it would be. 


We work with all of our clients on a very personal, individual level, to make sure that your ceremony is unique and matches who you are as a couple in a wonderfully authentic way. 

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Kaitlyn and Brian’s Best Day Ever at Los Willows Fallbrook CA Wedding Venue

Kaitlyn and Brian’s Best Day Ever

Kaitlyn and Brian’s wedding day was truly the Best Day Ever! Kaitlin day began her wedding day being greeted by Champagne, Mimosas and styling chairs for her ladies, while Brian was able to come later in the day allowing him to enjoy his morning offsite with the boys. Although our venue needs little to decorate the space, it soon came alive with beautiful light blush and white florals and classical decor. Once setup had finished Los Willows San Diego wedding estate had been converted into a storybook oasis! This beautiful couple wed up in our spacious meadow ceremony space before heading down to a private champagne boat cruise, around the lake, while their guests enjoyed cocktail hour at our outdoor, built in bar. Their evening ended with late night dancing in the pavilion under our impressive 5 foot Swarovski crystal chandelier surrounded by their closest family and friends!

One of our favorite things about this day are the absolutely unbelievable photos! Kaitlin and Brian selected True Photography as their wedding photographer for the big day after seeing his work displayed in our planning showroom. They selected Aaron as they knew he had extensive knowledge of the property and his ability to showcase the venue in it’s truest form: bright and alive! And if you ask us, he did just that!

In House Upgrades:
  • 9 am Early Arrival to the Salon
  • Champagne Boat Cruise
  • Red Roadster Grooms Arrival
  • Marquee Love Letters

In House Complimentary Decor: 

  • Blush Napkins
  • Ivory Table Linens

Vendor List: 

  • Photographer: True Photography
  • Venue: Los Willows

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Los Willows – True Photography

A wedding is as much about forging eternal memories as it is about having an amazing celebration. And what better way to preserve these wonderful memories than to capture them and tell their never-ending stories in the language of photography?

Photos are arguably the best mediums you can use to capture every special moment of your wedding day, but you can’t hire just any photographer for this great task. Secure the services of a professional photographer for excellent and unique photos.

If you’re in California and need a wedding photographer, you might want to see what True Photography, based in San Diego California, can do for you. They are today’s vendor spotlight too, and Los Willows is so glad to have them here.



  • Why makes True Photography so different from other photography companies in San Diego?

For one, they are a very unique wedding photography company. A team of talented and professional photographers is the driving force behind the company’s many successes.

Each wedding photographer is passionate about photography and skilled in their unique way. What makes them unique is the combination of their talents, knowledge, experience, and wonderful personality.

These characteristics, when poured into photography, bring forth exceptional, innovative, and stylish imagery.

True Photography focus on contemporary and traditional photography and photojournalism. They are a multi, award-winning company and have been featured in several popular magazines and TV shows.


  • What photography items do they offer to their clients?

Prints, matted prints, proofs, canvas, flush-mount, save-the-dates, thank you cards, etc. And their photography services include additional hours, boudoir shoot, destination and travel photography, engagement shoot, liability insurance, multi-locations, wedding portraits, etc.


  • How much photography experience do their photographers have?

True Photography has been active for over 20 years and still counting Their photographers have vast knowledge and experience in the field and industry; they have great creativity and technical knowledge in photography. They also have a digital specialist team that enhances and fine-tune the images.


  • Do they offer their services to clients outside San Diego?

Yes, they do. They are not strangers to destination photography, and they have a large number of photographers spread across the country. They also travel to other countries to photograph destination weddings.


  • Do their photography packages include any occasions aside weddings?

Since the budget and needs of their clients are not the same, True Photography came up with different photography packages to suit the different needs of their clients.

Their packages are priced differently, of course, but all of them entail quality photography. They also provide customized packages and help their clients walk through their pricing customizer.

To get those perfect shots on your wedding day, you’ll need a little bit more than a professional photographer. A perfect venue to take the shots in won’t be amiss, don’t you think?

Los Willows is offering you the best wedding venue in San Diego to host your wedding. Our inclusive venue and multiple ceremony sites are suitable and perfect for any kind of wedding ceremony. Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor wedding, we have the perfect facilities just for you. The site is also quite spacious and convenient as we handle only one wedding per day. We also provide exclusive DJs and MCs for your entertainment.

To learn more about our unique services, you can visit our website at https://www.loswillows.com for more information.

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3 Ways to Bring More Fun to Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are supposed to be fun and there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t be. Believe it or not, lots of surveys have shown that most people attend weddings for the food and the party. Couples who have a fun wedding often make a conscious effort to make such a wedding happen.

Los Willows would know because, for one, we’re an award-winning private wedding venue, so classy and prestigious weddings are no strangers to us.

You can find us in the rolling hills of San Diego. We’ve seen and hosted countless amazing and fun weddings too so we, more than anyone else, are in the best position to give you tips on how to have a truly fun wedding in America’s Finest City!



  • Have A Photo Booth

Taking candid pictures at your reception using a photo booth is a sure way to have fun. You can even personalize it to match your wedding theme with a cute backdrop and some props.

Photobooths are guaranteed to get your guests to mingle and have fun. They can laugh, make new friends, and explore the venue while waiting for their pictures. The pictures taken can even double as favors from you.


  • Play Some Fun Games

Games are the most obvious way to have fun at your wedding. You could find a wide variety of wedding games to play by just looking them up online. Games like horseshoe, coquet, or cornhole are great if you’re having an outdoor wedding. They make for fun picture moments too. You could also play a guessing game at your reception.


  • Deliver Food Using A Food Truck

Food trucks are a great way to reminisce on the days of yore. Both you and your guests will laugh as you eat and recall all the fond, past moments in life. You could have one truck serve pizza at your wedding, and then have the other serve ice-cream as dessert. We picked ice-cream because everyone loves it! Your food truck ideas should not only be limited to these, though. There are so many foods you can have served. The choice is all yours.


Are you planning to have a fun wedding in California? Then there’s no better place to hold it than right with us at Los Willows! We’re an all-inclusive outdoor wedding venue that offers you a unique ambiance for your ceremony, reception, and photos. Give us a call today and we’ll tell you what we can do for you!

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