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Our Top Tips for a Stunning Rural Wedding Setting

Here at Los Willows, as a private wedding estate in San Diego, we provide our clients with an absolutely picture-perfect rural wedding ceremony. By choosing to have your ceremony take place in our magnificent garden oasis set in the heart of San Diego’s luscious rolling green hills, you make the great outdoors, in all of its glory, a wonderful part of your special day. 

We’ve hosted a countless number of breathtaking weddings, that have been superbly designed in order to make the ceremony and the natural beauty surrounding it enhance each other. So, using our extensive experience of hosting weddings in a rural setting, we wanted to provide our clients with some of our key tips to making sure that your outdoor ceremony with us goes ahead absolutely perfectly.



  • Incorporate nature into the design 


When you’re having an outdoor ceremony, the best way to really make the occasion beautiful is by sticking to a subtle, natural design scheme. Rather than trying to bring too much of the indoors outside, use your rural surroundings to inspire your design. Incorporate natural touches like foliage, greenery, potted flowers and elegant bouquets so that your design compliments the scenery, and vise-versa. 



  • Use the rural setting to your advantage


Use the streaming sunshine, beautiful blue sky and natural splendour surrounding you to your advantage. This, paired with your design inspired by nature, will create a friendly happy mood throughout the whole ceremony, and add romance to the occasion too. 



  • Use decorations that suit the setting 


Harsh, bright colors and chunky, angular features, or design features that were obviously synthetic would create a very jarring, clashing effect between your ceremony and the natural scene surrounding it. So, we’d recommend instead opting for soft, flowing fabrics that add a gentle touch to the decor, and intriguing feature pieces that capture the eye in a subtle and intriguing way without being ‘too in your face’ about it.


Our breathtaking location provides a stunning backdrop for the wedding ceremonies that we host. What we love about a rural wedding is the romance and sentiment that it infuses into the ceremony, while keeping the couple themselves firmly at the heart of the day and its celebrations. Furthermore, whatever personal touches and design ideas that you’d like to feature in your wedding, at Los Willows, we work with all of our clients very closely, to create a magnificent rural ceremony that you will remember forever. 

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