Vendor Spotlight – Mathew Reiter Photography + Film

Los Willows wants nothing more than to make your wedding a memorable and wonderful affair, but that alone does not achieve perfection, does it? We work with the most talented and skilled vendors to ensure the smooth running of your wedding ceremony. One of the most talented and accommodative vendors we have worked with is Mathew Reiter, a professional wedding photographer.

Matthew Reiter Photography is a wedding photography company based in Beaumont, California. They cover weddings all around Southern California and today, we feature them in our vendor spotlight series!



  • What makes their style different from other California photographers?

There are many things that set Mathew Reiter Photography apart. For one, Mathew’s calm and patient personality is clearly shown in the way he approaches his clients. His bright and vibrant photography style, his professional use of different lighting techniques, and how he never fails to bring out the best in each photo and occasion make him truly unique. Mathew’s striking images are products of his unique way of mixing natural, contemporary, and traditional photography during his photography sessions.


  • Do they cover other events and occasions aside from wedding photography?

Yes, they do. Mathew is always available to capture events that mean the world to his clients. He captures birthday parties, engagements, graduations, senior portraits, business portraits, etc. He also does fitness, lifestyle, landscape, fashion, and family photography, to mention a few. You can also secure his photo and video shoot services.


  • What should be expected during their wedding cinematography sessions?

Mathew’s passion for photography knows no bounds. We’ve seen him work and understand why he excels at what he does.  He’s extremely adept and skilled at capturing special moments that you can relive again and again. All his photos and videos come in full, high definition.

No special or unique moment escapes his camera’s shutter. Whether it’s a funny one, a beautiful and romantic moment, the couple’s kiss, the vows, or the speeches, Mathew is always ready with his camera.

He also conducts and covers interview sessions with the couple. This is a perfect medium for him to document the feelings between the couple as they’re expressed; the excitement in the air, and even the thoughts that had been going through their minds throughout the entire wedding ceremony.

It’s imperative your wedding is captured in amazing pictures that will never lose their value nor the emotions they hold. They should be your bridge to past memories that will never fade. And yet, the beauty of your wedding venue is something just as important too, because that’s where the pictures will be taken.

At Los Willows, we offer a beautiful and classy wedding venue for you to cater to any kind of wedding. And we go further to provide all the amenities and facilities you’ll need to have a memorable and exciting day. All you have to do is contact us and tell us what you want and we’ll handle the rest.

We’ll schedule a rehearsal with your coordinator and offer you a complimentary wedding venue planner. We even have an in-house professional DJ and MC ready to play and entertain at your event. For further inquiries about our services, contact us at

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