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Vendor Spotlight – Wedsure Wedding Insurance

We have worked with a vast amount of wedding companies over the years, which means we have good knowledge of these companies and know which of them can serve you properly and solve your problems. Wedsure is a wedding insurance company we worked with some time ago and we harbor no reservations about their credibility and efficiency. They are today’s stars in our weekly vendor spotlight series!



  • Why is Wedsure a peculiar wedding insurance company?

Wedsure began its wedding insurance company from a non-existent industry. They were the first to introduce wedding insurance to the insurance industry and, for 25 years now, have been expanding their clientele base, popularity, and the quality of service they offer.

Wedsure wedding insurance has a reputation for being fast, affordable, and very accommodating. Another of their unique features is that they instantly provide you with your certificate of insurance. In a nutshell, Wedsure is a reliable wedding insurance company you can trust. We can vouch for them just like their clients can.


  • What does the wedding insurance cover?

Wedsure covers an extensive list of wedding insurance options. They effectively cover your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner too.

Their insurance also covers your wedding gifts, jewelry, all rented properties, your wedding attire, your wedding photos and videos, etc.

Their host liquor liability insurance covers the serving of wine, beer, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages.

They also cover you in case of any unfortunate incidents that may lead to the cancellation of the wedding.


  • How secure is Wedsure insurance?

Very secure. All of their policies are insured by one of the largest multinational property A+ rated insurers in the world: Allianz.

Wedsure is a part of the prestigious R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. (RVNA), which simply means every policy purchased from Wedsure is backed by both RVNA and Allianz.

Furthermore, Wedsure takes your privacy and security very seriously and follows every insurance regulation for your safety.


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