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2022 Wedding Trends to Consider for Your SoCal Wedding

So you’re planning a wedding… Indeed, it’s one of the most exciting experiences as you and your partner are surrounded by love and affection. Before you know it, you will be walking down the aisle and into the arms of your partner! And what can be sweeter than having the love of your life forever by your side?

By now, you’ve likely been looking forward to your wedding day for years — and now it’s finally here! It can be incredibly fun and exciting, but you might have also heard that it requires a great deal of work to turn your vision into a reality.

There are many decisions ahead of you—from choosing your wedding venue to selecting vendors, and so many more. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the hottest wedding trends in 2022 to inspire your planning and keep you motivated. (If you have any specific planning questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to help!)

Without further ado, here are the wedding trends to know this year!

2022 SoCal Wedding Trends

Interior design takes center stage

Many of us have spent extra time in our homes the past couple of years and, out of that, we’ve seen home décor take a new life with greenery and earthy elements bringing the outdoors in. But it’s not just living rooms getting the makeover! Engaged couples in California are carrying this aesthetic over to their weddings, and we are loving it! Think charming rattan and woven wedding décor, bohemian fringe chandeliers, and wishbone chairs. Sounds comfy, right?

Elevated single-serving bites

As 2022 continues to see a focus on health and safety, wedding caterers have adapted by preparing individual servings of food to mitigate the risk of buffets and other shared serving styles. But we’re not talking boxed lunches here — single servings are getting the luxury treatment for an elevated experience. In particular, tiny charcuterie boards and mini wedding cakes have been incredibly popular! You may also consider high-end offerings like caviar tastings, sushi flights, or petit fours in elegant cloches. 

Luxury but make it relaxing

As couples trim down guest lists and plan smaller events, we’ve seen a shift towards celebrations that are as laidback and intimate as any other family gathering. However, a low-key vibe doesn’t mean you have to settle for low-key design. In fact, small and intimate weddings open up the spending plan to décor and experiential elements that wouldn’t normally make the cut. Rest assured, small can be sophisticated! In the same vein, we’re seeing cocktail-style and dance parties poised to be a hit this year, so there’s no need to feel constrained by traditional wedding expectations. Have fun with it!

Weekday weddings

You’ve likely heard that the industry is facing an unprecedented wedding boom in 2022, as professionals work tirelessly to catch up on postponed celebrations from the past two years. With even more couples looking to tie the knot, we’ve seen weekday weddings become a common choice for couples ready to say “I do!” Those planning weekday nuptials are seizing the opportunity to enhance the celebration with ancillary events, like welcome dinners, group excursions, after-parties, and post-wedding brunches.

Stateside destination weddings

With overseas travel still a bit tentative, couples are setting their destination wedding sights closer to home and saving their passport for later. It’s safe to say that many engaged couples are ready to travel, but are looking within the United States to prioritize the safety and convenience of their guests. Regardless of destination, though, couples are hosting multi-day experiences that allow them to spend more time with their family and friends. May we suggest a beautiful California wedding for lifelong memories?

A fresh take on wedding photos

Wedding photography is an area you won’t want to skimp on, as it captures the moments you’ll want to remember forever. But the photos you request is entirely up to you! Whether you want to get the traditional portraits or you’re feeling a moodier vibe, there is a photographer out there to match your style. This year, we’re seeing couples experiment with photos taken from different vantage points. Thanks to the rise in drone technology, aerial photography is more accessible and a surefire way to get that dramatic wow factor.

Support for small businesses

We’re strong proponents of the shop local movement, so we’re thrilled to see more support for local small businesses in the wedding industry. Many couples have been showing their love to small businesses impacted by the pandemic, and that carries over to who they hire for their wedding. They will be looking for vendors who share their core values and are well-loved in their communities.

Weddings embracing technology

From Zoom happy hours to digital planning apps, technology has surged in our daily lives over the past few years. Expect that trend to continue in the years to come, with couples adopting virtual tools to enhance their planning experience and the big day itself. Think collaborative planning platforms, live streaming, online RSVPs, QR codes, and more. 

These are just a few of the top trends poised to take over the wedding scene this year, so let the inspiration flow and start scouring Pinterest for a taste of what’s to come! Whatever you choose, make sure all your decisions are true to both you and your partner. And if any questions arise, we’re here to be your companion on the way to the aisle. Give us a call!

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