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How to Feel Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

So many couples are anything but calm and relaxed on their wedding day, and we can understand why. Being nervous means these couples often miss out on subtle but crucial moments of their wedding day and barely have any fun. Los Willows don’t want you to go down that same road. We believe that weddings should be fun for the couple and anyone who’s a part of it, so here are 6 tips on achieving a state of calm and being utterly relaxed on your wedding day.



  • Sleep Early the Night Before

Sleeping early the night before your wedding is essential because it’ll give you time to relax and, thus, you’ll be more than ready for the day’s activities when you wake up.


  • Have Some Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is an ideal way to start your wedding day. Avoid food that can make you queasy; go for light but high energy foods. And lavender-infused tea is excellent for keeping you calm and in good spirits too.


  • Use Calming Scents

Consider having your favorite scent as a room diffuser or candle to help you relax while you’re getting ready.


  • Play Music

It’s been proven that music can play a significant role in keeping people relaxed and calm, so take advantage of this. On your wedding morning, play the kind of songs that make you feel positive, excited, and comfortable too.


  • Pamper Yourself

Take a nice and long bath if you’re the kind who likes them. Spoil yourself with a luxurious dressing gown while you get ready for your wedding. Treat yourself like you normally wouldn’t do because the occasion certainly demands it! You’ll come out feeling relaxed, calm, and happy.


  • Have A First Look

A first look session is a great way to rub off any last-minute nerves and also get beautiful pictures. Pictures have a way of drawing our raw emotions in you. Look at the pictures and smile, then take strength from each other because you both know the love between the two of you is pure and true. D this and start your day on the right foot. Best of luck!

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