4 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Style

Gone are the days when wedding designs strictly entailed white tablecloths with pink centerpieces and nothing more. And although most weddings have been put on hold due to this coronavirus pandemic, you can use this period to finetune the details of your wedding. Use it to decide on the style or theme you want, who you want to invite, etc.

This is necessary because life is slowly going back to normal as people adopt the changes they have to make to keep the virus at bay while living their lives. With lots of options available, finding the perfect style for your wedding might seem hard but don’t let it bother you. Los Willows has a few albeit great tips that can make the process easier and more fun!



  • Where to Start

The choice here is entirely up to you. You can choose a set in a film that you like, other weddings, interior design, and even graphic art. Your favorite hotels, restaurants, and retail stores can all be a form of inspiration for your wedding too.


  • Bringing Your Ideas Together

Try linking all your ideas to your venue. Eliminate the ideas that don’t fit the bigger picture of your wedding and save them for other places like your new house or even a future event. Start with your rentals and work up to the other elements that will make up your wedding venue.


  • Avoid Getting Sidetracked

The truth is that you will always find more options that look like they’re better than the one you have chosen. Make your decision and stay satisfied with it. If you try to fit in too many things at once, it’ll be like over-accessorizing an outfit. The end result is never pleasant.


  • How Can You Keep Your Theme Authentic and Accurate?

Conduct a lot of research. Study the theme that you have chosen to use very carefully. It won’t bode well to leave out an important detail that you could have easily added, so make sure you double-check to ascertain if it’s what you want. You should also try to pay attention to the nuances and how everything comes together.


Los Willows is a remarkably aesthetic and beautiful wedding venue in San Diego, and we’ll be more than happy to host your beautiful San Diego wedding as soon as it’s possible to do so again. Contact us today and we’ll show you samples of other lovely weddings we hosted!

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