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Why an Intimate Wedding Is Truly All You Need

Sometimes, while planning a wedding, you might become indecisive about having a small, intimate wedding or a large wedding. Both can be tempting but if you look at the heart of it, an intimate wedding really draws more from romance and intimacy than its larger counterpart. Large weddings are more about the grandeur and flair but the beauty of small weddings lies in how deep the intimacy and emotions entwined around them are.


Conversely, this indecision can stem from a simple desire to keep your wedding small and intimate. From our experience hosting intimate weddings, we can tell you such weddings offer all the fun and excitement grand weddings offer-the only difference is your wallet won’t be any lighter when all is said and done! Below are a few more reasons why a small wedding is truly all you need.



  • It is budget-friendly

A wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. So, give it your all to see that it comes out perfect. But doing that might also make it necessary for you to spend a lot of money, right? Not necessarily.

A small wedding is fun and can be planned or organized with little funds spent on it. This leaves you with money to cater to other aspects of the wedding or even tend to post-wedding affairs like the honeymoon.


  • It creates an intimate environment

A small wedding entails you cut down on the guest list and invite only those who truly matter you. Doing this means all those in attendance share a very close bond with you. This helps to create an intimate environment; one where you are surrounded by those you love while marrying the person you love.


  • You won’t get overwhelmed

On your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure that everyone in attendance is well taken care of. But with a large number of guests, this can sometimes get overwhelming; a small wedding is not susceptible to this because the small number of guests means you’ll be able to give everyone equal attention without being overwhelmed.


Let Los Willows host your close-knit ceremony. Our exquisite venue offers everything you could need for a celebration that will live on in your memories for as long as you live.

We have hosted countless beautiful weddings over the years and we foresee many more weddings ahead of us; we want yours to be next! From our modern amenities to the beauty of the structure itself, Los Willows is the perfect wedding venue for even the most discriminating couple.

Our clients are enthused the moment we tell them how our wedding will help make their wedding something truly special. To perfect your intimate wedding,  simply book Los Willows!

Come see us at  530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can also contact us here or call us here: (760) 731-9400). An email is fine too, so send us one here: [email protected]



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