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Vendor Spotlight: VG Donuts

One thing that I know a lot of us have really missed, ever since lockdown started, is being able to eat out. We’d class ourselves as proper foodies and obviously, since we haven’t been able to go out to a restaurant or cafe in what feels like forever, naturally you’ll probably find us daydreaming about all kinds of tasty dishes and treats during the day time. 


So, we thought we’d put our daydreaming to good use, and have a think about wedding vendors who provide absolutely sensational food time and time again for their clients. The wedding food that VG provides has always stuck out as super memorable to us, on the many occasions that they’ve catered to couples that have had their ceremony with us.


So while we’ve all got food on the brain, we wanted to dedicate this week’s vendor spotlight blog post to the fantastic team at VG Donuts, and share their sensational dishes (through words, sorry!) with our clients. 


VG offer a sensational array of flavors and fillings, so that they make sure that your wedding cake ticks every single one of your boxes. Flavors include the traditional options, such as white (a very traditional hint of orange vanilla), chocolate fudge and marble (a combination of white and chocolate). Or, you could go for something a bit more off the beaten track, with carrot, red velvet or even banana (that’s available as a gluten-free alternative too). Plus, if that wasn’t enough for you, their range of filling encompasses everything from almond cream, chocolate Bavarian cream, fresh blueberries and lemon, right the way through to mocha, oreo cookie crumb and even piña colada.


At VGs, wedding cakes are their specialty. Their flavors are unforgettable, and their designs are a stand out combination of traditional elegance with the introduction of a few modern trends, all the while keeping the design absolutely unique to you and your personal tastes. 


VG Donut & Bakery also offer their clients the opportunity to go for the fun, innovative alternative of a dessert bar for their wedding day. The table is filled with an array of scrumptious treats, including donut bites, cupcakes, cookies, blondies, brownies, lemon bars and many more. 


There’s just something so universally wonderful about going out and tasting food made by an absolute pro with a real passion for their cooking – and that sensation doesn’t just stop at restaurants, it extends to weddings too. Delicious food makes everyone happy, there’s no doubt about it, and the decadent, indulgent food that is served at weddings is a wonderful moment for the guests and the couple alike to take a pause and share in something divine.


We’re a luxury wedding venue in San Diego, California, with multiple ceremony sites in a spacious private estate that boasts an abundance of gorgeous natural wonders, giving us a reputation as San Diego’s best garden wedding venue. So, if the combination of this stunning scenery and sensational food sounds perfect to you, get in touch with us to find out more about how we can make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable.  

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