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4 Things We Love About SoCal Weddings

Outdoor weddings offer some of the most beautiful and romantic settings, as long as the weather is nice. While it can feel like a gamble to host an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception in most parts of the country, Southern California is not one of those parts. SoCal is known for having the most pleasant climate and perfect weather year-round, so you can enjoy a gorgeous wedding day any time of the year, whether you’re local or not! 

Southern California is a hotbed for couples looking to tie the knot but is also a wonderful escape for friends and family. With beautiful weather, delicious food, and plenty of adventures to explore, Southern California is the perfect wedding location, destination, or otherwise. 

SoCal Weddings

Gorgeous weather

We are so fortunate to have beautiful weather all year round, so you never have to worry about cold weather, rainstorms, or snow spoiling your day. Southern California keeps a consistent and very pleasing temperature all year long. So, if you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to limit yourself to the “wedding season” or the warmer months. It’s always wedding season here! 

SoCal also has more sunny days than the U.S. average, which means you’re less likely to deal with rain than other major metro areas. That certainly helps ease the nerves of the outdoor ceremony gamble. 

Amazing venues + vendors

We may be biased here, but Southern California is home to truly some of the most innovative wedding professionals in the industry nationwide! They don’t just know their trade; they know the best location to be as well. Because they know the area’s climate, landscape, and logistical considerations very well, they are always ready to help plan the perfect SoCal wedding for you and your guests. 

Plus, the venues here are absolutely stunning. Who needs to worry about decor when there’s a stunning horizon to enjoy every time you turn around? Save that money and gaze into the Southern California beauty! 

Many SoCal wedding venues offer indoor and outdoor spaces for al fresco celebrations, including Los Willows. Los Willows has options to accommodate weddings of many sizes and styles. From private rooms to gorgeous indoor/outdoor ceremony and reception areas to day-of planners and full setup and breakdown, Los Willows is ready to give you a wedding to remember! 

Plenty of activities

You won’t have a problem filling an entertaining itinerary for your wedding weekend. If anything, the challenge will be picking what activities to choose and what to leave out! Your guests will love the many culinary options, museums, parks, beaches, wineries, tours, and more. They may even decide to turn your wedding weekend into a full-blown getaway!

The multitude of activities offers an excellent opportunity to plan a group excursion with guests who arrive early for the wedding. This is a great way to connect and celebrate with your loved ones before the busyness sets in. You can take in a nature hike, go on a pub crawl, do a foodie tour, charter a boat – the options are truly endless, so dream big!

Easy to access

Most weddings see guests coming from near and far. Fortunately, SoCal is accessible to everyone regardless of their home state! Southern California is well-connected by highways, a handful of international airports, and even some Amtrak train lines, so guests don’t need to rent a car. As a bonus, the nearest airport is less than an hour away! Many venues offer shuttles, so keep that in mind when booking your venue and hotel. 

Plus, direct access to tropical destinations like Cabo and Hawaii mean jetting off to your honeymoon is super easy. The fewer obstacles between you and your honeymoon, the better! The last thing you want to do is deal with complicated and stressful travel days after the best day of your life. Honeymooning should be easy, relaxing, and enjoyable; that’s easy to achieve in a well-connected area. 

Are you sold yet? You don’t want to miss out on booking your wedding in the stunning Southern California area. With perfect weather year-round, amazing venues that are easily accessible, and even better vendors, you will not be disappointed. 

Are you ready to start planning your perfect Southern California wedding? We would love to help you! Get in touch with us to schedule your tour!


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