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Vendor Spotlight – VG Donuts and Bakery

Los Willows believes in working hand-in-hand with other great wedding vendors to ensure the success and smooth running of your event; a flawless wedding ceremony is our ultimate goal. We worked with VG Donuts and Bakery in the past and we can honestly say they are one of the best bakeries in California. They also happen to be the stars of this week’s vendor spotlight series!



  • What sets VG Donuts and Bakery apart from other bakeries in the city?

As a full-service bakery specialized mainly in the old-fashioned baking style, VG Donuts and Bakery stands out from other bakeries in quality, experience, and customer service. The bakery is owned and has been operated by the Mettee family for over 50 years.

VG Donuts and Bakery is a great bakery that has quite frankly become part of tradition and is recognized as a landmark by many. VG Donuts and Bakery is the favorite coffee spot for many people too, but it’s more known for its sweet and always tasty baked goodies.


  • What kind of services do they provide for their customers?

Once your appointment has been confirmed, they will set up a consultation with you to fully understand your wants and preferences, then they’ll organize a tasting session so know exactly what you’re getting.

They also offer delivery services and set up at weddings and other events. Their cakes, donuts, and desserts are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, seasonal holidays, and other special events. Their customer service is excellent too.


  • What kind of wedding cake designs and desserts do they provide?

Though they have several beautiful cake designs you can choose from, VG Donuts and Bakery still work very closely with you to design a personalized cake that will be perfect for your wedding.

Apart from designing your wedding cakes, VG Donuts and Bakery also offer different dessert options. Their cakes, donuts, and desserts are all made from quality ingredients and are very affordable.

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