6 Steps to Get You Started on Your Californian Wedding Planning

You got engaged just before or during the lockdown, right? Well then, congratulations! Yes, yes, we know there isn’t much cause for celebration right now, but Coronavirus will eventually pass. It can’t stop your wedding from happening!

The only problem is how to go about planning your wedding. Worry not, happy couples, because, with the following helpful tips, you’ll be planning your California wedding easily and with less stress-and with little time wasted!



  • Stay Organized

The more organized you are about this, the less likely it is that you’ll make any mistakes. Start by searching for and talking to amazing vendors about your wedding and then arrange your budget, guest list, and registry. You can even create a framework for your wedding day timeline to help you remember vendors and details that you might have left out.


  • Start Your Personalized Checklist

To do this, you have to decide on the time you want your wedding to happen. With that time in mind, you can then create a list of your to-dos and split them into a monthly and weekly basis. Deadlines might be unrealistic and too early to meet at this period.


  • Set Aside Weekly Time to Plan

Select a day or 2 out of the week and set it aside for planning your wedding. You should also make plans with your partner and delegate responsibilities. Delegating will help you know what to do and avoid confusion.


  • Divide and Conquer

Make a list of things that need to be done and split it into 2. You and your partner can then choose which one to do. Communicate as much as you can. Share details of what you’re handling and with whom. And when the planning gets tough, take a break from it and just chill. After all, you’re planning a wedding, not aiming to stress yourselves out. This is the best way to get things done.


  • Be Flexible and Fair

You and your partner might have different ideas on how you want certain parts of your wedding to go. Remember that this is as much his/her wedding as it is yours, so be flexible. Discuss the situation and arrive at the best option for you both together.


  • Details, Contracts, and Negotiations

Read the fine print on all your vendor contracts before you sign them. Try to negotiate so you get the best deals for the services you’ll use at your wedding. Make sure your contract has everything spelled out properly and avoid selling yourself short.

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