Pauline Conway Photography

Los Willows is a truly unique and magnificent wedding venue that’s also a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. Many California wedding photographers love working here and once you see our venue, the modern amenities it’s appointed with, and the luxury it offers, you’ll understand why both couples and photographers adore the place.

It is only logical to work with the best wedding photographers because only they know how to capture and preserve special wedding moments in remarkably beautiful photographs. This week, in our vendor spotlight series, we’ll be featuring a particularly talented and wonderful wedding photographer we once worked with. They are called Pauline Conway, a wedding and lifestyle photography company based in San Diego, California.



  • What is their area of specialization?

Pauline Conway heads the company and specializes in weddings and family photo shoots. But it’s no secret Pauline’s services and skills extend well beyond weddings alone.  She’s an expert whose services entail Christmas photography, fashion photography, and several types of lifestyle photos anywhere within California. She also travels for out-of-state or destination weddings.


  • What photography items do they offer?

Pauline Conway photography offer photo albums, canvas, digital files, prints, wedding and lifestyle portraits, frames, etc. Regardless of which you choose, you always have a medium that reconnects you to the special and wonderful moments shared on your wedding day.


  • What should be expected during a wedding photography session?

Pauline Conway is always friendly with her clients and maintains a great working relationship with other vendors throughout the wedding ceremony and even after it. She’s very adept at helping her clients relax and stave off the anxiety so many couples succumb to.

Pauline Conway has made it a ritual to meet with her clients long before the big day to make necessary arrangements and iron out the final details. And if her clients require it, she can even provide assistance if they’re undecided on what to wear; organizing the timeline is another duty she undertakes. Think of her as an all-rounder because she involves herself as much as he can to ensure a smooth ceremony. The best part is, she does all this with dedication and flair.

With the perfect lighting, beautiful scenery, and romance in the air, what could possibly go wrong on your wedding day? Photographers are always at their best when they work in the best locations, and we can’t think of any better than Los Willows.

Is your wedding taking place in California? Los Willows would be more than happy to host your wedding. We offer unmatched and unparallel services in San Diego, and our venue accommodates both indoor and outdoor weddings.

We’re positive our classic lakeside gazebo, our multiple ceremony sites, and numerous excellent amenities will exceed your expectations. Visit us at for more information about our venue and why it’s an excellent choice for your wedding.

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