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When Should Wedding Invitations Be Sent?

You’ve got the date and you’ve got your venue, but how exactly do you get your guests there? You’re paying good money to have your loved ones at your wedding… So, how do you make sure they’ll show up?

For local, out-of-town, or even international guests, it’s important that plenty of notice is given so that they can make arrangements to be there. We’re breaking down all the details: what to send, when to send it, and what to expect in return.


Save-the-Dates: 6 Months Out

The first step to notifying your guests about your wedding (aside from excited phone calls and Instagram posts) is to mail a save-the-date card. This is a simple card to announce your engagement and, more importantly, announce your wedding date. Be sure you’ve booked your wedding venue by the time you send these out, as you’ll want your wedding date to be *official*.

It’s usually best to mail your save-the-date cards about six months prior to your wedding. This way, your guests have plenty of notice – especially if they’ll be traveling and need time to make travel arrangements.


Wedding Invitations for International Guests: 3 Months Out

Speaking of people needing advanced notice for travel arrangements, it’s best to send your wedding invitations to any guests living outside the country first. These guests will appreciate the advanced notice as they’ll need more time to allow for travel, saving money, or requesting extended time off work.


Wedding Invitations: 2 Months Out

For the remainder of your guests (and probably the large majority), invitations can be sent about two months prior to your wedding date. This gives your guests time to make any necessary plans to come to your wedding – even if they live out of state.


Your wedding day will be your best day ever! So you, of course, want all your loved ones to join in on the celebration. Sending out your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations in proper time will help get as many people from the guest list to the seating chart!

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