Vendor Spotlight – Stryder

Hiring a reliable transport service for you and your wedding guests is as important as any other aspect of the wedding. Getting your guests from one place to another safely and without any hiccups along the way sets a good precedent. Besides, transport will make things easier on everyone, ironing out all the little snags and inconveniences that could ruin the ceremony’s activities if left unchecked.


Today’s vendor spotlight is all about providing comfortable transport service to couples and their guests. They are called Stryder, one of California’s most popular transport services!



  • Is there variety in their transport fleets?

Yes, Stryder has different transport fleets to meet the different needs of their clients, whether for an intimate cruise around town, wedding party transport, or even a trip to the airport.


Their vehicles include the luxury sedan, the executive SUV, the luxury limousine, and the Mercedes Benz convertible shuttle, which comes in 3 sizes: The small luxury shuttle, medium luxury shuttle, and the large luxury shuttle.



  • How many people can their vehicles accommodate on a single trip?

That depends on the size of the vehicle in question but their vehicles can comfortably carry as much as 200 or as little as 1 or 2 passengers.


The luxury sedan can accommodate 2 passengers while the executive SUV carries up to 6 passengers. The luxury limousine accommodates about 10 passengers while the Benz convertible shuttle carries about 18, 23, 30, and 37 passengers respectively.



  • Is there anything that makes them distinct from other transport companies?

The services offered to their passengers makes all the difference. They have been in operation since 2008, and have found different means to meet the needs of their passengers. Reliability, style, and comfort are 3 words guiding how Stryder operates.


Being a full-service corporate and leisure transport provider, they give their passengers an experience of a lifetime. From private wine tours, brew cruiser tours, wedding transportation, airport transportation, group and corporate transportation, and hourly transport, their passengers are never short of great options to choose from.


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