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Leah Marie Photography

We provide all of our guests with a natural wedding ceremony which makes all of nature’s soft subtle beauties and majesty a part of the ceremony itself. In the ceremonies that we have hosted, we have had the opportunity to witness the work of countless wonderful wedding photographers. Out of these, there were a few photographers whose work particularly stood out to us, as photographers who we felt were especially able to capture our natural setting in all of its glory, while using it as a stunning backdrop to the photographs which captured the beauty of, and the love shared between, the couple themselves. 


We understand the difficulties that present themselves when you’re facing the challenging choice of who to pick as your wedding photographer. With regards to your wedding planning, this is rather a unique case as, due to the nature of the craft, couples in reality have very little concrete knowledge of what they will ultimately receive as their wedding photos. This makes it an especially nerve wracking decision to make, and we recommend reading reviews carefully, and browsing through online portfolios in detail, to make the right decision for you. 


We wanted to use our position to help our clients who are in this position, by spotlighting some of our very favorite wedding photographers, who have delighted our clients and captured our venue wonderfully. This is why we have chosen to dedicate this blog post to showcasing the magnificent work of Leah Marie Photography.  


Leah and Marcella are a duo of fun and friendly women who are absolutely dedicated to their craft. Their passion shines through everything that they do, which means that their wedding photography is nothing short of breathtaking. Their commitment to authentically telling every couple’s unique story is immediately present to any viewer, upon seeing the emotion perfectly captured on their faces, exactly as it was felt in the moment. 


Their specialisms as photographers include combining natural lighting, simple setting and real emotions, to capture photographs that their clients will treasure forever. 


Here at Los Willows, the beauty of the natural scenery in which we find ourselves immersed never fails to take our breath away. We take immense joy from our reputation as San Diego’s best garden wedding venue. Our breathtaking wedding venue includes an abundance of natural wonders, including water features, luscious foliage and even romantic hidden paths. 


We’re a luxury wedding venue in San Diego, California, with multiple ceremony sites in a spacious private estate that even has its own private lake. In addition to this magnificent setting, to make the inside as perfect as the outside, we can offer our guests assistance from our in house Administrative Venue Planner and Wedding Coordinator, use of our gorgeous on-site salon, an exclusive DJ, complimentary in-house decor and even private boat cruises for the newlywed couple and their guests. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us, to speak to a member of our fantastic team about how we will work with you to make your wedding dreams picture-perfect realities.

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