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3 Important Questions to Ask Before Renting Your Wedding Venue

There are certain unavoidable and important questions you must ask before you rent the perfect venue for your wedding. The answers to these questions then guide you in making the decision to either choose the venue or keep searching for others that meet your needs or preferences.



  • Ask about the availability and price of renting the venue.

You can’t possibly use an unavailable wedding venue or a wedding venue that is far beyond your wedding budget, can you? These are the reasons why you need to be sure if your proposed wedding date is available and ascertain the pricing policy of the desired wedding venue.

Questions that are necessary to ask about pricing and availability are: Is your venue available for rent on my wedding date? How can I book your wedding venue? What are your pricing details and policy? What amenities are included in your wedding packages? Can my bookings be canceled or extended?

These, among other similar questions, need to be asked before booking any wedding venue because it gives you a general idea about the wedding venue and if the venue will be perfect for you.


  • Ask about the general features and rules of the venue.

After confirming that the wedding venue is available on your date, and the pricing policy is okay with you, questions about the features and capacity of the venue become the next to ask.

Can the venue accommodate the number of wedding guests I have in mind? How long can I and my guests use the venue for the wedding? Are there any restricted areas within the venue? Is anyone allowed to drink/smoke within the wedding venue? Is there a specific smoking area at the wedding venue?  Are children allowed into the venue? Can my gift and items be safe at your venue?

These details will let you know the holding capacity and features of the venue you intend to book.


  • Ask questions about the venue designs and décor

The general outlook of the venue you are planning to book is also a determining factor for the perfect venue. Questions to be asked are: Am I allowed to bring décor items to your venue? Are there any décor materials available at your venue? Do you provide any furnishings and other equipment at your venue? Do you provide audio/visual equipment at your venue?

This knowledge will help you know what items and equipment to source for.


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