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5 Unusual Trends For Themed Wedding Decor

There are countless ways that you can design a wedding, there’s no doubt about it. Whether you prefer a decor that is strictly traditional and the epitome of elegance, or an alternative 21st century refresh of these timeless styles, there’s certainly a style of decor out there that can capture your unique essence as a couple perfectly. 


The adornments that you incorporate into your wedding day are all about paying homage to your individuality, and using these designs to celebrate your personal love story in all its individuality. So, have a browse around (maybe use lockdown to spend a few afternoons finding some clever tips and points of inspiration on the internet) and find a theme that you feel is a testament to who you are as a couple and what makes you special. 


With this in mind, we wanted to share with you a few ideas for themed wedding decor that we’ve seen our guests pull off, making for a gorgeous day at our stunning private estate. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite ideas for themed wedding decor that make a couple’s individuality shine through on their wedding day. 


  • Travel – if you’re a couple who have always loved to go off jet-setting on romantic, adventurous vacations, adding a travel-theme to your decor is a great way to give your guests a sense of your unique love story 
  • Inspired by your favorite film – you could incorporate elements from your favorite films (anything from Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland) throughout your decor, to add a really fun, personal touch to the occasion 
  • Festival theme – if you want to bring the boho, fun and slightly quirky essence of a festival to your decor, this summertime outdoor vibe will perfectly match the beautiful rural setting that our estate provides. 
  • Vintage style – this is the perfect way to add chic, elegant elements to your decor, in a way that is uniquely you. Typewriters, old wooden furnishings and refurbished vintage feature pieces all make gorgeous additions to your decor. 
  • Whimsical – unleash your inner child, and let your creativity show itself in your whimsical wedding decor. This could include anything from bright colors and balloons, to light-hearted feature pieces and fun games dotted around your venue. 


At Los Willows, we love seeing all of the different ways that our guests make their mark upon their wedding day decor, making every single ceremony that we host entirely unique. Our private wedding estate in San Diego radiates rural splendour, in a garden oasis that is filled with charming spots. If you’d like to learn about how we can work with you to provide a picture-perfect wedding day, you can speak to our team here.

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