3 Tips on Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are fundamental to a wedding-that goes without saying-but they don’t often receive the attention that they deserve. Those little words that forge an eternal bond between you and your spouse are very significant. They give meaning to everything else that happens during your wedding day and your new life as a married couple. Additionally, the promises that you make to one another during the ceremony set the tone and parameters of your marriage.

You want vows that are perfect for your big day, right? When deciding on them, you have to consider the wedding celebration you are planning. This is particularly important. Will it be a traditional or modern ceremony? A grand or small, intimate affair? Your pledges will have to reflect that. Listed below are 4 tips from Los Willows on what to do where your vows are concerned.



  • First, Decide What Vows Are Right for You

Some religions insist that you use the canonical wording, but others may also include personal vows. Even if your faith does not require it, merging classic and non-traditional wedding vows can honor tradition while concurrently personalizing your ceremony. Reach out to your institution in this scenario so you can come up with wedding vows that are right for you.


  • Talk to Your Future Spouse and The Officiant

Find out from them if they have any preferences. Your officiant can give great advice. Ask relevant questions because the answers can go a long way in helping you know what to write.


  • Read Example Wedding Vows, Poetry, And Love Stories

These materials are often riddled with ideas that can help you write your own vows. Please read them, put everything you get together, and select the best possible content. Here’s a tip: Take a sentence or two from literature and include “I promise” or “I vow” and make personal comments about your partner or marriage in general. Leave blanks where you aren’t sure of the wording yet, then fill in the blanks with your proposed vows.

If it helps, start over with a short, simple promise. When done, read the vows out loud to a trusted friend who can help you polish the language.

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