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Fun ways to add a touch of personality to your wedding day

While we understand that Coronavirus might have meant that you have had to press pause on your plans for the time being, this gives you extra time to plan fun joyful little things like these to make your day extra-special when the day comes around. 

Here at Los Willows, as a private wedding estate in San Diego, we love getting to know all of our clients and seeing how their fun, joyful personalities are present within every element of their wedding day. So we had a little think about some of our favorite ways to spot these fun additions that we have seen our guests use in their ceremonies over the years. 


1. Pets

If you’re an animal lover, your four-legged friends are bound to be a major part of your life. So it makes a lot of sense to have them play a part in the ceremony too. Whether they’re the ring bearer, flower girl or the entertainment, your pets are a great, fun way to bring a piece of your personality and your normal life to the ceremony too.  


2. Imaginative food

If you’re a pair of foodies, shaking up the norms of expected wedding food is the perfect way to share a piece of your personality with your guests during your reception. Whether it be bringing in fun caters like ice creams vans, serving up innovative canapes, or making a statement with the cake itself (you can get wedding cakes in all kinds of scrumptious flavors, decorated in every way imaginable and even made out of cheese!),


3. Mementos for your guests 

You can make these as silly or sentimental as you like, whatever matches with your personalities, but we think that this is a lovely way to show your guests how much you care about them in a way that speaks to you personally. This can involve fun things like disposable cameras which they can use throughout the day, favors which include personal messages you both for your guests, incorporating homemade touches into your favors or just making these mementos something a little bit outside of the box. We know from our experiences just how much it will mean to them. 


Whatever touches of personality and whimsy you’d like to add to your wedding, our lovely team would be delighted to integrate these into your day, to make your wedding day exactly as you dreamt it would be. 


We work with all of our clients on a very personal, individual level, to make sure that your ceremony is unique and matches who you are as a couple in a wonderfully authentic way. 

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