Vendor Spotlight – WedSafe Wedding Insurance

Insuring your wedding against unforeseen circumstances is imperative. No one can predict what will happen in the next minute, so we don’t advise you to risk the success of your wedding by foregoing wedding insurance.

An insured wedding event gives the bride, groom, wedding planners, wedding venue, and the general public assurance of a successful wedding celebration. WedSafe Wedding Insurance is an insurance company that offers wedding insurance coverage to help protect your event, and they are the focus of the week in our vendor spotlight series!



  • What are their wedding liability insurance policy?

It’s an insurance package geared towards providing wedding liability insurance protection to wedding venues all over the USA. They cover any kind of wedding venue and have already insured thousands of wedding venues across the country. They also provide liquor liability insurance to wedding venues licensed to serve liquor at weddings.


  • What aspects do their wedding cancellation insurance cover?

As the name implies, WedSafe’s wedding cancellation and postponement insurance is an insurance package aimed at protecting non-refundable deposits paid as wedding expenses. The insurance package is applicable where a wedding ceremony initially meant to hold on a particular date is canceled or postponed for one reason or reason.

The wedding cancellation insurance also covers catastrophic events that could lead to financial loss. Their insurance also covers wedding attires, wedding photographs, gifts, and similar important items for the wedding.


  • Do they cover events held outside the USA?

Yes, they do. WedSafe wedding insurance covers wedding events in countries like Canada, Puerto Rico, and other U.S territories. Other countries covered by WedSafe wedding insurance are the UK, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands-as long as the insured party resides in the USA. The wedding venues covered in the aforementioned countries include both land-based venues and wedding ceremonies hosted on cruise ships.

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