Vendor Spotlight – Heather Christan Designs Wedding and Events

Los Willows is here to give customers a wedding venue that’s as unique as it is classy, comfortable, and beautiful.  That’s the main reason we’re here, but we also want you to enjoy every single minute of your special day, so we have so much more on offer for you.

A remarkably beautiful wedding venue will evoke smiles and feelings of awe; and your guests will marvel at what they see, appreciating the dedication that went into making the venue amazing.

But as great a venue is, it can still be made even better by a professional event designer and events planner, and we know just the one! She’s today’s venue spotlight too. Her name is Heather Christan, the founder of Heather Christan Design Wedding and Events.

  • When did you begin your career in event design and planning?

Her career in event design and planning actually began in the year 1997, but her first florist shop and event planning company were opened in 1998. So, she’s been active for more than 2 decades thus far.

  • What inspires your floral designs and arrangements?

She’s a lover of nature, romance, color, and scents. She loves everything that portrays the beauty of nature. The feeling of joy, peace, and contentment that comes with being around flowers gives her all the inspiration she needs for her amazing work and creativity.

  • What sets your company apart from other floral design and event planning companies?

The major factor that sets her company apart is the passion with which she and her crew work. Their beautiful designs and floral arrangements make them one of the best in the industry.

Some of their designs include classic, country, eclectic, nautical, and preppy designs. There are also romantic, rustic, tropical, and vintage floral designs. In the end, it depends on what the clients want and what they can afford, but there’s something for everyone.

Also, for the benefit of their clients, they provide services like consultations, delivery, and venue visits.

  • What kinds of floral arrangements and venue decorations do you offer?

Depending on the type of package selected, Heather Christan Designs Wedding and Events offer different floral arrangements and venue decoration to their clients.

Their venue decorations range from aisle decorations, centerpieces, to flower girl basket, pedestals, wedding arch, chuppah, etc. Their floral arrangements include bouquets, bouquet wraps, boutonnieres, centerpieces, corsages, flower crowns, and many more.

If you love flowers and classy venues, you’ll love what Heather Christan has in store for you, and you’ll marvel at what Los Willows will offer you.

You can find us at 530 Stewart Canyon Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028. Our wedding venue is great for any kind of wedding, so if you want something small and intimate or grand and spectacular, our spacious multiple ceremony sites can cater to it.

Visit our website,, to learn about the exciting offers we have for you!

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