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Vendor Spotlight – Markel Insurance

One of Los Willows’ ultimate goals is to ensure our clients have a hitch-free wedding and enjoy the amazing experiences a celebration as special as a wedding offer. We work with some of San Diego’s best and most professional vendors and insurance companies to ascertain our clients get nothing but the best.

Markel Insurance, founded in 1980, offers insurance solutions for events, business owners, and more, and the spotlight falls on them this week. We welcome another great vendor in yet another edition of Los Willows’ vendor spotlight series!



  • Why choose Markel Insurance for your event?

With over 70 years of experience in different insurance niches and 15 years of wedding and event insurance, Markel Insurance has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in insurance to efficiently serve your insurance needs and proffer credible solutions to it too.

Their extraordinary customer service, motto, and unique high-end services is what sets the company apart from other insurance companies in the state. They cover weddings, businesses, and other special events.


  • What is included in their wedding insurance package?

With Markel Insurance covering your wedding, you can be assured of a risk-free wedding ceremony.

They offer different wedding insurance packages like the wedding liability insurance which helps protect you from any financial loss that may occur due to property damage or physical injuries on your guests; the wedding cancellation insurance which will help protect you from financial loss stemming from non-refundable deposits; and a complete wedding insurance package that grants you full protection for money loss at the wedding.


  • What risk solution service is offered by Markel Insurance?

They provide custom risk solutions to meet each client’s needs. Their team of professionals and qualified experts will help you identify possible solutions to help reduce the chances of any loss at your event. They also grant access to certain safety materials that include a video library and other materials to help guide you towards the success of your event. They can update you with information about hazard identification and how to avoid them too.


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