5 Easy Ways to Combat Anxiety Ahead of Your Wedding

Everyone feels nervous in the days leading up to their wedding, but for some people, that anxiety can be crippling. If you’re one of those people, worry not. You’re not alone in this and there is a cure for it.  There are tried and proven methods to stave off anxiety before your big day.  Los Willows is here to  help you. With the tips outlined below,  you’re a few steps closer to getting rid of anxiety before your wedding day.


  • Manage Expectations

It’s always best to let your friends and family know what to expect at your wedding from the onset. That way, they won’t keep on coming up with unrealistic ideas that will cause conflicts and exert negative effects on your mood and confidence. And by doing this, you never have to worry about whether you’re disappointing someone or not.

  • Manage Your Guestlist

Only invite people that you share mutual love with to your wedding. Having only people that are special to you at your wedding can help put your mind at ease the moment from the start to the end of the ceremony.

  • Limit the Center of Attraction Moments

Most couples want to be the focal point of their wedding day but if that doesn’t work for you, avoid it. Blend in as much as possible with your guests. You’ll have a better time doing that, anyway.

  • Get the Formalities Out of The Way

This might not necessarily work for everyone, but here’s an example of what we mean. Let’s say that you do your legal ceremony before your wedding. That puts things in a new perspective because you’ll already be married on your wedding day, so you can just relax and enjoy the rest of the event.

  • Get Organized

If you’re organized about your wedding, and everything follows the timeline that you have set out, you’ll have less to be anxious about. You’ll be confident that you’ve got everything all covered and you won’t have too much to do in the last days approaching your wedding.

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