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DIY or Pro: Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

DIY weddings are on the rise and there’s nothing we love more than when couples make their wedding day their own! And with so many little details that go into planning your big day, it can end up feeling overwhelming without guidance. But your engagement is a time that should be thoroughly enjoyed — not a period of high stress! 

So, that begs the question: Is there a way you can make your wedding your own and stay involved with the planning without having to do it all?

The quick answer: Yes!

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Hiring a wedding planner can seem like you’re opting out of your wedding planning duties altogether, but in all reality, it’s just the opposite. When you hire a wedding planner, you get to plan your wedding with the support of a professional who has planned hundreds (if not thousands!) of weddings. 

While there are many areas of your wedding you can DIY without a wedding planner, there are plenty of aspects you won’t want to do alone. Think about it: You might be able to DIY an oil change, but you wouldn’t want to DIY a major repair for your car — that’s when you bring in an expert. They’re experts for a reason! 

When it comes to your wedding, a planner will know where most couples go wrong, how to plan for the worst-case scenarios, who you need to know, and when you need to contact them. Having these experts in your corner will make wedding planning a breeze! 

Here are a few other ways a wedding planner will save the day.

They’ll help you save money.

Although hiring a wedding planner is an additional expense, they can often save you money by leveraging their relationships with certain venues and vendors. While you may be new to the industry, your wedding planner has already established their network!  They know who you want, who you don’t, and who you need for your big day. There’s also a good chance they’ve worked at your venue in the past — and, if they haven’t, they likely know someone who has! 

They make the planning process easy (and enjoyable!).

Your time as an engaged couple will be filled with  complete bliss when you can let go of the wedding planning! No more running like a hamster on a wheel to get the little details taken care of for months on end — just relishing in your newly-engaged status. You already have a job, family, home, and life to oversee, so let someone else take the reins and plan your wedding day! 

They protect your day-of boundaries.

No one wants to hustle around overseeing every last detail  on their wedding day when they’re supposed to be relaxing with their closest friends and family. Instead, your time should be spent celebrating, dancing, drinking champagne, and enjoying one of life’s biggest events! With a wedding planner, you can rest easy knowing that they’ve got all the last-minute details covered. (Cue a sigh of relief!)

They execute your wedding vision.

To be clear, hiring a planner doesn’t mean you don’t get to participate in the planning. Instead, you can be just as involved in the planning as you would be with a DIY wedding! The big difference is in the guidance and execution a planner provides. Wedding planners help bring your vision to life in an efficient and low-stress way that allows you to do life AND enjoy your time as a fiance. 

Just like any other vendor, it’s essential to find the right planner for your needs.  If you don’t need a planner the entire time, consider hiring a month-of planner to step in and tie up the loose ends as your big day approaches. (Bonus: They’re cost-effective as well!) As your wedding approaches, stress and emotions can run high and life doesn’t stop for your nuptials. Wedding planners offer additional support when the going gets tough. The last leg of wedding planning can feel exhausting, but rest assured that help is readily available to make this time in your life simple and so enjoyable!

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