Wedding Photography Trends: To filter or not to filter?

When it comes to your big day, there are a lot of decisions that go into creating the perfect wedding day. From booking your venue and caterers to purchasing wedding attire and hiring a band or DJ, the list goes on!

One key strategy to stay on track with planning is to remain organized and identify what is most important to you. That way, you can prioritize those elements in your budget and save a little money on the less important things. 

Photography: True Photography

If there’s one area at the top of most couples’ lists, it’s their wedding photographer!

There is no doubt you’ll want to remember this momentous occasion for the rest of your life. Even now, you’re probably imagining the albums full of photos you’ll share with your future children and grandchildren. You’ll hang them on the walls of your home, share them with loved ones, and post them on social media.

Simply put, your wedding photos will encapsulate the wonderful memories you had on your special day. You’ll also get to see small moments with your guests that you might have missed amidst all the excitement!

If you’re curious about the latest wedding photography trends, today’s blog is perfect for you! We asked our dear friend Aaron Feldman, CEO and founder of True Photography, to give us the latest scoop on wedding photography trends, and here’s what he had to say:

There seem to be two clear sides to the filter debate, so let’s clear the air. Should wedding photos use filters? Why or why not?

The short answer is that I don’t suggest using filters when it comes to color treatment. Of course, when it comes to visuals, there is no right or wrong to what someone is drawn to. What is important though, is to understand what you like now may quickly change a couple of years from now.

There are many trends/fads when it comes to adjusting photographs. The definition of a trend/fad is “A group of people enthusiastically following an impulse for a short period.” Filters are part of ongoing trends. For example, right now faded brown tones and very bright washed-out tones are popular. Essentially it is pulling the greens out of the image. It is cool “for now.” But I believe if the pictures are to stand the test of time, they should be truer to color.

A full range of colors keeps the images interesting and unique. It will also emotionally brings you back to the day you got married. Similar to the cotton candy smell as a kid, when you smell that as an adult it brings back memories. 

The same holds true for color. When you can see visually the blue sky you had that day, the green grass, or whatever it may be, it will bring you back much further down memory lane. It may be “less cool” now by not following a filter trend, but it will be much cooler later when you look at your images.

What are some key considerations a couple should keep in mind when choosing their wedding photographer?

A professional photographer isn’t someone that can shoot pretty pictures. Any person shooting enough photographs will run into a few nice pics.

What makes a true professional is knowing how to capture great photographs in any condition, like rain, nighttime, wind, tough light, very few backdrops to work with, weddings running 30 minutes late. There are so many challenges that can occur on a wedding day.

The big question is: Did the photographer get the best possible picture in any given scenario? The only way to really see this is to not just view 50 pretty pictures. It is to see a bunch of weddings in all of those different environments. If the pics look awesome, then that is a very good sign.

I also think it is important that the photographer provides a variety of different poses, expressions, backgrounds, etc. That way, the images look interesting as you leaf through them.

Are there any wedding photography trends you’ve noticed that couples should know about?

There are always trends out there. My suggestion is to keep it classic so your pictures stand the test of time. The biggest trend right now is the more organic, natural vibe. More in the browns and neutral tones. While we like and appreciate this look, we are naturally drawn to a range of colors as it brings happiness to the eyes.

When it comes to hiring the right wedding photographer, be sure to find one that will truly capture the day so you can look back at them fondly years down the road. We’d like to send a special “thank you” to Aaron for sharing his expertise with us and all the couples reading this—we truly appreciate all the wonderful insights!

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