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How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony from Start to Finish

When it’s time to plan your big day, it’s easy to get carried away with all of the fun reception details: food, drinks, venue, music, photographer, and so on. But what about the wedding ceremony? Isn’t that why we’re all here? Although it’s only a short part of the day, it’s where you get to make your marriage #official — so don’t overlook it! With a few tips of the trade and a little bit of planning, you’ll have the perfect wedding ceremony together in no time.  Planning, planning, planning! Here is where the wedding planning gets exciting! It’s best to [...]

DIY or Pro: Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

DIY weddings are on the rise and there’s nothing we love more than when couples make their wedding day their own! And with so many little details that go into planning your big day, it can end up feeling overwhelming without guidance. But your engagement is a time that should be thoroughly enjoyed — not a period of high stress!  So, that begs the question: Is there a way you can make your wedding your own and stay involved with the planning without having to do it all? The quick answer: Yes! Hiring a wedding planner can seem like you’re [...]

9 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Wedding Vows

It’s time to write your vows! Now what? You’re staring at a blank page, so where do you start? You know you’re head over heels for your partner, but how do you want to say that, let alone say that in front of your friends and family?  If you’re stumped, you’ve come to the right place! Here are nine tips to guide you in writing vows that will wow your audience and make your ceremony extra special. Give yourself time We’ve all had teachers tell us that an assignment can’t be done the night before, and we’ve all found a [...]

6 Creative Types of Entertainment to Enhance Your Wedding Day

When you're planning the biggest day of your life, you naturally want it to be fun for all! No one wants bored wedding guests, but it can be challenging to find the right entertainment for you and your venue. You certainly don't want to get stuck keeping the party alive!  Wondering what will keep the vibe going all night long? Look no further! We’ve rounded up some fun, creative options for wedding entertainment that is sure to wow. Musical acts Let’s talk music! You can hire a live band, DJ, or both. You may want to kick the party off [...]

Why Engaged Couples Love One-Stop-Shop Wedding Venues

Your wedding will be one of the happiest moments in your life. After all, it’s the start of a new chapter, and you’re walking into it hand-in-hand with your favorite person. So it’s only fitting to commemorate it with a grand celebration! But now that the excitement of the engagement is winding down, the reality is sinking in. You have research to do, outfits to choose, locations to scout, and so much more! If that sounds like a lot of work, know that it can be. An event worthy of your romance has many moving pieces to consider. Some couples [...]

Short vs. Long Engagements: Which is best for you?

You’re engaged — hooray! You’ve been waiting for this day and, now that it’s here, what comes next is a little foggy. Will you dive right into wedding plans? Or are you in no rush to fill your days with planning meetings and DIY projects? Planning the next step toward marriage is undoubtedly exciting — and not just for you and your partner! It’s likely your family and friends are eagerly anticipating the chance to celebrate your love as well. In fact, you might find people asking if you’ve booked your California wedding venue yet — even when you’ve just shared [...]

10 Vendors to Include in Your Wedding Professional Team

Whether you’re planning a grand affair with hundreds of guests or an intimate gathering of close friends and family, your wedding will be a joyous occasion to remember! With a reliable team of professionals at your side, you can have the dream wedding you’ve always imagined – all without a worry in the world! Many engaged couples in California plan months (or even years!) ahead of their special day, spending a tremendous amount of energy and resources to ensure the success of their event. Of course, picking the right CA wedding pros will help turn your vision into reality! If [...]

6 Steps for Newly Engaged Couples to Start Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! You made it! While there are many major milestones in a relationship, this is undeniably one of the most significant ones for a couple. That new bling represents a promise of commitment, a vow to share your lives with each other, and an exciting journey that lies ahead. You’ve taken your first step to forever — and it surely feels amazing. But now that you have that shiny rock on your finger and you’ve soaked up that just-said-yes bliss, you’re probably wondering where to go from here. Do you start researching venues? Shopping for a dress? Asking [...]

4 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Season

There are few things to worry about when you’re newly engaged besides sporting your new bling and telling the proposal story to everyone who will listen. But, before long, you and your partner will be ready to jump right into wedding planning. After all, there is so much to do! Where should you hold the ceremony and reception? What attire and accessories will your wedding party wear? Who will officiate the wedding? Which decorations and flowers align with your vision? What food and drinks should you serve? While the questions can go on, you cannot answer any of them—or do [...]

Bridesmaid Proposals: How to pop the question

From a new ring to the endless possibilities of wedding planning, getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life. Who wouldn't want to share such a momentous occasion with their best gals?  After all, they have been with you through thick and thin, know you on a personal level, and always have your best interests at heart. It’s only natural that you would also want them to be involved and stand by you on your big day. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, and it helps to have the emotional support of your [...]

How to Create a Spending Plan for Your Wedding

When people think of weddings, most picture the end result—ring exchanges, first dances, cake tastings, and all the other sweet moments of the day. Yet, any engaged couple knows that there is much more leading up to that moment. Yes, the journey to “I do” is incredibly exciting — but it can also be time-consuming and stressful if not planned well! Whether you’re going for a grand affair or an intimate gathering, there’s a seemingly endless list of decisions to make.  You have to select the perfect wedding venue, plan the menu, book photographers and videographers, secure entertainment, rent additional equipment, [...]

Wedding Etiquette 101: Creating Your Wedding Guest List

You and your partner naturally want your loved ones present at your wedding to witness such an important milestone in your relationship. After all, the festivities wouldn’t be complete without them! But deciding who to invite can be trickier than you might think. In fact, creating the guest list is one of the most challenging aspects faced when planning their wedding. Some couples are often surprised by how many people end up on their preliminary draft, and they soon realize that they’ll need to cut down their list.  Such a task can be emotionally taxing and, in some cases, can [...]

4 Interactive Elements to Make Your Wedding Memorable

What’s more romantic than choosing to spend the rest of your life with your special someone? Your wedding is a momentous occasion marking the beginning of your future. Not only does it signify the joining of two unique individuals, but it also brings two families together!   When you consider how meaningful and life-changing a wedding is for all in attendance, it comes as no surprise that engaged couples spend a tremendous amount of energy, time, and resources to ensure that everything goes smoothly when they say their “I do’s.”   Yet, planning a wedding is no easy feat. From [...]

When Should Wedding Invitations Be Sent?

You’ve got the date and you’ve got your venue, but how exactly do you get your guests there? You’re paying good money to have your loved ones at your wedding... So, how do you make sure they’ll show up? For local, out-of-town, or even international guests, it’s important that plenty of notice is given so that they can make arrangements to be there. We’re breaking down all the details: what to send, when to send it, and what to expect in return.   Save-the-Dates: 6 Months Out The first step to notifying your guests about your wedding (aside from excited [...]

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Planner, Venue Planner, and Coordinator?

Among all the new wedding verbiage you’re learning, now that you’re engaged, you’ve probably heard terms like “venue planner”, “wedding planner” or “day-of coordinator” being thrown around a lot. So, who are they and what do they mean to you? This is one of the most important things for you to understand while prepping for your big day. Because, while these people are very similar, they’ll play very different roles in your planning process. Let’s Break It Down: A wedding planner is someone you’d hire to provide a personal planning service. This person typically runs their own planning business, and [...]

4 Wedding Color Palettes That Work for Every Season

Choosing your wedding colors is an important part of your wedding planning. But it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. The uncertainty birthed by this pandemic can also have you feeling reluctant. The simple fact is, there’s a chance that you can end up postponing your wedding with no certainty on when the actual date might then be. If you’ve chosen a palette solely based on a particular season at that point, chances are you’ll have to switch out and start again. There's a simple solution to this, though: Going with timeless base wedding [...]

3 Important Questions to Ask Before Renting Your Wedding Venue

There are certain unavoidable and important questions you must ask before you rent the perfect venue for your wedding. The answers to these questions then guide you in making the decision to either choose the venue or keep searching for others that meet your needs or preferences.     Ask about the availability and price of renting the venue. You can’t possibly use an unavailable wedding venue or a wedding venue that is far beyond your wedding budget, can you? These are the reasons why you need to be sure if your proposed wedding date is available and ascertain the [...]

5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Does their style reflected in their portfolio match what you want for your photos? Luckily, we live in a time where social media has flourished and researching is as easy as browsing Instagram or Pinterest for wedding inspiration. Notice what photographs you are drawn to and figure out what they have in common. Do you enjoy the soft, brightly light photos or the highly saturated, colorful ones? Do you want the photos to have a more dramatic or playful feel or a mix of moods? Most photographers can do a variety of shots, but once you settle on the style [...]

Why an Intimate Wedding Is Truly All You Need

Sometimes, while planning a wedding, you might become indecisive about having a small, intimate wedding or a large wedding. Both can be tempting but if you look at the heart of it, an intimate wedding really draws more from romance and intimacy than its larger counterpart. Large weddings are more about the grandeur and flair but the beauty of small weddings lies in how deep the intimacy and emotions entwined around them are.   Conversely, this indecision can stem from a simple desire to keep your wedding small and intimate. From our experience hosting intimate weddings, we can tell you [...]

3 Simple Tips to Help You Find Your Wedding Style

With your wedding already approaching, we’re sure you’ve spent hours scrolling through social media to find the perfect wedding style, yes? While that’s good for inspiration, it can sometimes overwhelm you. To help you stay focused on planning your wedding and saving time, we’ve provided you with some really neat tips to help you find your style.           Set Your Priorities The first step to find your wedding style is to set your priorities. To do this, you and your partner must create a list of what you need for the wedding. Start the necessities; putting your [...]

Should I Have A Big Wedding or a Small Wedding?

Here at Los Willows, we have a wealth of wonderful things ready for your wedding. We’ve perfected the art of painting weddings with beauty, and we owe a large part of that to our luxurious wedding venue. Los Willows is an excellent wedding venue that can easily make any type of wedding look grand and fabulous, so your only focus should be on deciding what kind of wedding you want. Considering what’s happening to the world right now with COVID-19 still in our midst, you’re probably a bit confused about how to proceed when it comes to the size of [...]

4 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Style

Gone are the days when wedding designs strictly entailed white tablecloths with pink centerpieces and nothing more. And although most weddings have been put on hold due to this coronavirus pandemic, you can use this period to finetune the details of your wedding. Use it to decide on the style or theme you want, who you want to invite, etc. This is necessary because life is slowly going back to normal as people adopt the changes they have to make to keep the virus at bay while living their lives. With lots of options available, finding the perfect style for [...]

3 Tips for The Perfect Wedding Décor

When it comes to weddings, décor is just one way a couple can showcase the beauty that is their love story. As a top wedding location, we know the importance that your décor has where your wedding is concerned and often advise our potential couple to pay attention to it too. It’s very important. One thing we’ve also noticed is that when you introduce sentimentality into your wedding décor, the end result is a great event that you and that will remain a cherished part of everyone’s memories. Los Willows has a way of turning your wedding from plain and [...]

How to Feel Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

So many couples are anything but calm and relaxed on their wedding day, and we can understand why. Being nervous means these couples often miss out on subtle but crucial moments of their wedding day and barely have any fun. Los Willows don’t want you to go down that same road. We believe that weddings should be fun for the couple and anyone who’s a part of it, so here are 6 tips on achieving a state of calm and being utterly relaxed on your wedding day.     Sleep Early the Night Before Sleeping early the night before your [...]

3 Differences Between A Rustic and A Classic Wedding

Classic weddings have always been the norm and are still what many couples opt for these days. Think a long white gown, an ancient church, and flower arrangements almost everywhere you look. The rustic wedding is a creation of Gen Y and has also become a popular theme for modern couples. There are many differences and similarities between rustic and classic weddings, and we’ve decided to chronicle a few to help you make the right decision.     The Colors For classic weddings, most couples go for a strong black and white presence in the wedding attire. When it comes [...]

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