Vendor Spotlight – Wedsure Wedding Insurance

We have worked with a vast amount of wedding companies over the years, which means we have good knowledge of these companies and know which of them can serve you properly and solve your problems. Wedsure is a wedding insurance company we worked with some time ago and we harbor no reservations about their credibility and efficiency. They are today’s stars in our weekly vendor spotlight series!     Why is Wedsure a peculiar wedding insurance company? Wedsure began its wedding insurance company from a non-existent industry. They were the first to introduce wedding insurance to the insurance industry and, [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Markel Insurance

One of Los Willows’ ultimate goals is to ensure our clients have a hitch-free wedding and enjoy the amazing experiences a celebration as special as a wedding offer. We work with some of San Diego’s best and most professional vendors and insurance companies to ascertain our clients get nothing but the best. Markel Insurance, founded in 1980, offers insurance solutions for events, business owners, and more, and the spotlight falls on them this week. We welcome another great vendor in yet another edition of Los Willows’ vendor spotlight series!     Why choose Markel Insurance for your event? With over [...]

Vendor Spotlight – VG Donuts and Bakery

Los Willows believes in working hand-in-hand with other great wedding vendors to ensure the success and smooth running of your event; a flawless wedding ceremony is our ultimate goal. We worked with VG Donuts and Bakery in the past and we can honestly say they are one of the best bakeries in California. They also happen to be the stars of this week’s vendor spotlight series!     What sets VG Donuts and Bakery apart from other bakeries in the city? As a full-service bakery specialized mainly in the old-fashioned baking style, VG Donuts and Bakery stands out from other [...]

Vendor Spotlight – WedSafe Wedding Insurance

Insuring your wedding against unforeseen circumstances is imperative. No one can predict what will happen in the next minute, so we don’t advise you to risk the success of your wedding by foregoing wedding insurance. An insured wedding event gives the bride, groom, wedding planners, wedding venue, and the general public assurance of a successful wedding celebration. WedSafe Wedding Insurance is an insurance company that offers wedding insurance coverage to help protect your event, and they are the focus of the week in our vendor spotlight series!     What are their wedding liability insurance policy? It’s an insurance package [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Beauty Bar

Getting your hair and makeup done on your special day requires utter perfection. That is why you need the services of great professionals to handle every detail of your hair and makeup on that special day. One vendor we trust in this aspect is Beauty Bar, owned by wonderful Tasha Dubreuil – Marinier. It is an excellent beauty salon located in Fallbrook, California, and the spotlight falls on them this week/ So, it is with great pleasure we welcome them in our vendor spotlight series!     ⦁ How long has the business been in existence? Beauty Bar was established [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Elegance on Display

Elegance on Display is a wedding cake bakery in Fallbrook, California. They are masters of their craft. We’ve seen what they can do and we’re always amazed at their ‘sugary creations’. They excel at baking and designing custom-made cakes for weddings and other special events. We have worked with the owner, Jennifer, several times and we can assure you of quality and professional services from her. The spotlight falls on Elegance on Display today because we’re featuring them in our weekly vendor spotlight series!     What makes them unique from other caterers? There are several reasons why Elegance on [...]

Pauline Conway Photography

Los Willows is a truly unique and magnificent wedding venue that’s also a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. Many California wedding photographers love working here and once you see our venue, the modern amenities it’s appointed with, and the luxury it offers, you’ll understand why both couples and photographers adore the place. It is only logical to work with the best wedding photographers because only they know how to capture and preserve special wedding moments in remarkably beautiful photographs. This week, in our vendor spotlight series, we'll be featuring a particularly talented and wonderful wedding photographer we once worked with. [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Mathew Reiter Photography + Film

Los Willows wants nothing more than to make your wedding a memorable and wonderful affair, but that alone does not achieve perfection, does it? We work with the most talented and skilled vendors to ensure the smooth running of your wedding ceremony. One of the most talented and accommodative vendors we have worked with is Mathew Reiter, a professional wedding photographer. Matthew Reiter Photography is a wedding photography company based in Beaumont, California. They cover weddings all around Southern California and today, we feature them in our vendor spotlight series!     What makes their style different from other California [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Unique and Flawless Signature Hair and Make-up

At Los Willows, we take beauty and elegance very seriously, which is why we do all it takes to keep our wedding venue beautiful at all times. But we just don’t care about the beauty of the venue, no; your beauty is just as important to us. Today’s vendor spotlight series will feature a remarkably talented makeup artist that we worked with in the past. Their professionalism can only be matched by their skill. Unique and Flawless Signature Hair and Makeup is a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist based in San Diego, California, and the spotlight falls on them today! [...]

Vendor Spotlight: ShadowCatcher Imagery

It is everyone’s dream to be married at a beautiful wedding venue that they can showcase to the world. And wedding pictures and videos captured in a beautiful venue always stand out. They bring out the beauty and sophistication of the subjects of the pictures. ShadowCatcher Imagery is a truly amazing wedding photography and videography company based in San Diego, California, and we're so happy to showcase them and what they're all about in this week’s vendor spotlight blog series.     • What makes them unique from other photographers and videographers? ShadowCatcher Imagery is a husband and wife team [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Elegance On Display

  While you and your partner are in lockdown, you might have been spending a bit of extra time searching for vendors who can assist with a few different elements of your upcoming day. If this is the case then, by this point, you’ll certainly know the importance of sourcing reviews that you can depend upon, before you secure the services of a professional vendor.    This is why we want to share our knowledge with our clients, and connect them with professional vendors of the highest calibre and talent, who we know from our experiences provide sensational additions to [...]

Vendor Spotlight: ShadowCatcher Imagery

Have you got a wedding that’s due to take place after the end of lockdown? Although lockdown has been a challenge for all of us, while you and your partner are stuck at home together, make the most out of this opportunity, and take some time to sit down together to carefully plan out all of the details for your upcoming wedding day. Not only will this be a great job off the to-do list, we know that you’ll have a lovely time taking this moment. With nothing to distract you, you can begin to create your vision for your [...]

Vendor Spotlight: VG Donuts

One thing that I know a lot of us have really missed, ever since lockdown started, is being able to eat out. We’d class ourselves as proper foodies and obviously, since we haven’t been able to go out to a restaurant or cafe in what feels like forever, naturally you’ll probably find us daydreaming about all kinds of tasty dishes and treats during the day time.    So, we thought we’d put our daydreaming to good use, and have a think about wedding vendors who provide absolutely sensational food time and time again for their clients. The wedding food that [...]

Leah Marie Photography

We provide all of our guests with a natural wedding ceremony which makes all of nature’s soft subtle beauties and majesty a part of the ceremony itself. In the ceremonies that we have hosted, we have had the opportunity to witness the work of countless wonderful wedding photographers. Out of these, there were a few photographers whose work particularly stood out to us, as photographers who we felt were especially able to capture our natural setting in all of its glory, while using it as a stunning backdrop to the photographs which captured the beauty of, and the love shared [...]

Los Willows – True Photography

A wedding is as much about forging eternal memories as it is about having an amazing celebration. And what better way to preserve these wonderful memories than to capture them and tell their never-ending stories in the language of photography? Photos are arguably the best mediums you can use to capture every special moment of your wedding day, but you can’t hire just any photographer for this great task. Secure the services of a professional photographer for excellent and unique photos. If you're in California and need a wedding photographer, you might want to see what True Photography, based in [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Stryder

Hiring a reliable transport service for you and your wedding guests is as important as any other aspect of the wedding. Getting your guests from one place to another safely and without any hiccups along the way sets a good precedent. Besides, transport will make things easier on everyone, ironing out all the little snags and inconveniences that could ruin the ceremony’s activities if left unchecked.   Today’s vendor spotlight is all about providing comfortable transport service to couples and their guests. They are called Stryder, one of California’s most popular transport services!     Is there variety in their [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Heather Christan Designs Wedding and Events

Los Willows is here to give customers a wedding venue that's as unique as it is classy, comfortable, and beautiful.  That’s the main reason we’re here, but we also want you to enjoy every single minute of your special day, so we have so much more on offer for you. A remarkably beautiful wedding venue will evoke smiles and feelings of awe; and your guests will marvel at what they see, appreciating the dedication that went into making the venue amazing. But as great a venue is, it can still be made even better by a professional event designer and [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Complete Weddings + Events

Nothing is more greater than a fun-filled wedding ceremony. That is a simple fact. The music, the dance, and the beautiful venue all come into play here. They are what ultimately determine whether the wedding is a success or not. Then use pictures and videos to capture the special moment too. When all these things come together, you’re guaranteed a fun, wonderful and memorable time.   It gives us great pleasure to introduce a particular company that can make all this happen on your special day. Complete Weddings + Events!     Who are you and what do you do? [...]

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