Southern California

4 Things We Love About SoCal Weddings

Outdoor weddings offer some of the most beautiful and romantic settings, as long as the weather is nice. While it can feel like a gamble to host an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception in most parts of the country, Southern California is not one of those parts. SoCal is known for having the most pleasant climate and perfect weather year-round, so you can enjoy a gorgeous wedding day any time of the year, whether you’re local or not!  Southern California is a hotbed for couples looking to tie the knot but is also a wonderful escape for friends and family. [...]

3 Key Considerations When Choosing a SoCal Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the single most important element of your big day – it's where you'll say “I Do,” it's the backdrop for all of your photos, and it's where your loved ones will gather to celebrate your love. While you may be after the most Insta-worthy wedding venue, that's not the only thing to consider. You must also be mindful of your guests' experience! It’s crucial to ensure you and your guests are comfortable from the moment they arrive to their late-night exit after an evening full of drinks and dancing. To do so, there are several factors [...]

8 Things to Look For on Your California Wedding Venue Tour

You have the ring on your finger, and you’ve told your friends and family about your engagement – probably making them cry with joy! Suddenly, the hazy dream of a wedding you had as a child is now just around the corner. We know you’re excited about finding your perfect outfit, tasting cake with your partner, and picking out the floral arrangements, but don’t get ahead of yourself! The very first thing you need to do is nail down your venue. The venue is the starting point for your planning, which puts quite a bit of pressure on choosing the [...]

6 Steps to Get You Started on Your Californian Wedding Planning

You got engaged just before or during the lockdown, right? Well then, congratulations! Yes, yes, we know there isn’t much cause for celebration right now, but Coronavirus will eventually pass. It can’t stop your wedding from happening! The only problem is how to go about planning your wedding. Worry not, happy couples, because, with the following helpful tips, you’ll be planning your California wedding easily and with less stress-and with little time wasted!     Stay Organized The more organized you are about this, the less likely it is that you’ll make any mistakes. Start by searching for and talking [...]

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