Venue Measurements

The vendors on this list have been selected because of the professionalism, courtesy, and cooperation that they exhibit while working with our staff and our clients. The quality of their work is exceptional and the services and goods they provide are of the highest standard. We feel confident these vendors meets our strict quality and customerservice guidelines and that by choosing vendors from this list you will be selecting the finest event professionals we trust.



Meadow Arbor

11’ wide x 45” deep x 9’ tall

Meadow Aisle

66’ long x 6’ wide

Meadow Bridge

40’ long x 65” wide

Gift Table

8’ wide x 30” tall

Guest Sign-in Table

48” round or 36” round

Ceremony Table

36” round x 30” tall

Shepherds Hooks for Aisle

31” tall from hook ~ overall height 34”

White Ceremony Columns

39” tall ~ 9”x9” base top for florals


High Top Patio Tables

28” x 28” sq top / 39” tall

Iron Cocktail Tables

28” x 28” sq top / 28” tall


Los Willows Lanterns

15” tall x 6” wide

Los Willows Iron Candelabras

26” tall x 5.5” base for florals

Los Willows Small Gold Mirror (Table Chart)

26” x 40” actual mirror portion

Los Willows Large Gold Mirror (Table Chart)

36” x 54” actual mirror portion


Farm Table Rectangle

8’ wide x 40” wide x 31” tall

Farm Table Round

60” round x 31” tall

Guest Reception Table

60” round x 31” tall

Half Moon Sweetheart Table

60” wide x 30” deep x 31” tall

Farm Sweetheart Table

80” wide x 40” deep


DJ Table

6’ wide x 30” deep x 30” tall

Cake Table

30” or 48” Round

Window opening behind Sweetheart Table

14’ wide x 5’ tall

Sweetheart Stage

12’ wide x 6’ deep x 8” tall

Dance floor

18’ x 18’

Antique Reception Hutch

8’ wide x 2’ deep

Pavilion Wine & Coffee Bar

6’ wide


16’ X 16’ Hexagon ~ 6’ wide between posts

Maximum height at peak 11’ tall

Garden Patio outside of Pavilion

Approximately 24’ x 24’